Antithesis Project

antithesisproject_webIn the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, Orchestra Hall lies silent; but when the crescendo of opulence falls to ruins, art will grow up through the cracks. Less than a block away, in the bohemian lair that is Gamut Gallery’s studio, members of the seventeen-piece ensemble: “The Antithesis Project” tend a budding “un-classical” movement. This chamber music collective has a mission to utilize years of classical training and advanced music degrees in an exciting, approachable way. With the use of un-traditional concert formats, the incorporation other musical genres and interactive discourse; The Antithesis Project sews seeds for future classical music lovers where one might least expect them.

DAVID MASLANKA Wind Quintet No. 3

JEROME KERN Long Ago (and Far Away)
HENRI BETTI C’est si bon


Performers and their instruments for the evening:
Nate Lee – conductor
Jennifer Olson – soprano
James DeVoll – flute
Lindsey Thompson – oboe
Chris Raddatz – clarinet
Sarah Porwoll-Lee – clarinet & bass clarinet
Samantha Johnston – clarinet
Jeffery Kyle Hutchins – saxophone
Josh John – bassoon
Lucas Schmitt – horn
Ben Alle – trumpet
Keith Hilson – trombone
Eric Olson – violin
Matt Miller – double bass
Jeremy Johnston – percussion
Jessica Schroeder – keyboards

The name Antithesis comes from one particular definition of the word: “the coming together of two contrasting ideas to produce an effect of balance.” These two opposing forces are the musicians’ classical, structured educations in music, and their new approach to presenting concerts. -Sarah Porwoll-Lee and Nate Lee, Founders, The Antithesis Project