Raging Art On 2013



MINNEAPOLIS – Dec. 13 & 14, 3:00–11:00 p.m. – At a time when everyone is asking, “What do you get for the person who has everything?”  Gamut Gallery provides the answer with an art-happening meets holiday-party meets pop-up boutique. The walls, halls and sprawls of the gallery, and the studio downstairs, explode with one of a kind, handmade: jewelry, paintings, apparel, sculpture, housewares, photographs, toys, prints… the list goes on.  Raging Art On supports and enlivens the choice to buy local, from artists and small business, rather than a big box store. The arduous ordeal of holiday shopping truly becomes an all-day party, complete with renown local DJs and refreshments.  Dancing and merrymaking while shopping is highly encouraged!

It begins with a six-hour install party, where over 30 artists take Gamut Gallery by storm.  The only rules about curating: there are no rules; content, style, media, size, anything goes.  The artists grab their works and a patch of wall, or carve out an artistic display booth amongst the mayhem.  Then on Dec. 13 and 14, the public is invited to join the fun.  They will get the first glimpse of iconic illustrator Chuck U and graphic artist Boxy Mouse at Gamut Gallery, alongside Raging Art On veterans, like steam-punk inspired seamstress and painter Tierney Houdek and industrial designer Carolyn Kopecky.  They will hear beats from some of the most current and most long standing Minneapolis DJs.  They will have a bounty of gifts and treats of the season before them and will sip hot apple cider punch.

Featured Artists: Eleventh Wundr, Boxy Mouse, Chuck U, Menneapolis, Toni Dachis, Carolyn Kopecky, Lizardman, Edward Johnson, Jacob Charles Eidem, Benjamin Wuest, George Miller, Jesse Golfis, Nate Stottrup, Scott Seekins, Margot Dedrick, Angela Sprunger, Ugaso Sheik-Abdi, Tierney Houdek, Matt Johnson, Hannah Frick, Ash Marlene Hane, Kelsey Henderson, Dim Media, Morgan Pease, Bethany Birnie, Benji Mohr, Alex Cole Jr, Amanda Weber, Dave Blank, Cassie Garner, Chris Park, Tony Larson, Lindsy Halleckson, Jesse Qualm, Timmi Lynn Johnson, Stephanie Jarrett, & Micah S. Ailie.

DJs include: Jevne, James Patrick, Etones, Mike Moilanen, Omaur Bliss, Brt Rynlds, DJ Durbin of TC Dubstep, Virgo of Konkrete Jungle, Bake n Jen, Justin Burkholder, Modwell