The Lost Art


– Saturday, March 29, 2014, 7:00-11:00 p.m. is the opening reception for “The Lost Art;” the exhibit runs through April 26. There was a time when hand-drawing was paramount to communicating ideas, before literacy was common-place. Today artists have limitless reasons and ways to create. While the intention behind contemporary art is often purely aesthetic, Gamut Gallery challenges 20 artists to make a statement in the old style. Each piece communicates a message and brings light to an issue that is important to the artist and society at large. The Lost Art will be the most controversial exhibit at Gamut Gallery to date, addressing topics such as transgender sexuality, the food system, technology and racism.

Local art-world figure, Scott Seekins acts as a muse and co-curator for this exhibit. Reactions to his recent 1862 Uprising series on the largest massacre in Minnesotan history, inspired Gamut to provide an outlet for controversial works. Seekins himself draws mixed reactions from the local art scene, although no one can deny his iconic status. His personal pledge against technology eschews text messages, email and computer-use in general. The Lost Art exhibit embodies this stance on communication, featuring only drawings made by hand without the aid of modern technology. Media used includes pencils, inks, markers, some watercolor washes and stains; some works will be available as prints.

ARTISTS FEATURED: Erin Sayer, Sara Syverhus, Amina Harper, Angela Sprunger, Aneesa Erinn Adams, Brookita Corazon, Justine Di Fiore, Bryce Davidson, Danielle Jambois Edstrom, Ed Johnson, Stefani McDade, Nate Stottrup, Ethan Heidlebaugh, Laura Bigger, Angel Hawari, Laurie Kigner, Nicholas Straight, Ron Brown, Jesse Quam, Scott Seekins