Genrebeast 3 : Patch Meridians CD Release + Folklore Remix Finale


FOLKLORE REMIX: A three­-artist exhibition focused on remixing mythology with street art sensibility showcasing original artwork by Rodrigo Oñate Roco, Luis Fitch & Repo.

For the closing reception of Folklore Remix, we’ll be welcoming back the genre-obliterating project, Genrebeast for their third CD release party featuring the live musical stylings of Patch. Combing industrial dance grooves a la Nine Inch Nails, the bombastic garage guitar rock of Queens of the Stone Age and Metz, and the concept album method of storytelling used by the likes of Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta, Patch creates an original, energetic and cathartic sound they have opted to call ‘deathpop.’

Featuring live music from opening acts “tender coffeehouse balladeer” Mary Bue and noisepop/shoesleeze from Blood Cookie. 

About the exhibit:
In Gamut’s featured exhibition, Folklore Remix, artists “Roco,” Fitch, & Repo do not simply retell the stories of their childhood; they remix them. They have retrofitted their Mexican, Central American, and Minnesotan mythologies with a crisp, vibrant street art sensibility. Like old school vinyl on a DJ’s turntable, each artist’s cultural background is spun, scratched, and remade into works of art that are altogether fresh and new.

Presales tickets are available: