MASK: A solo exhibition by Morgan Pease

FEATURING new work from Morgan Pease

For his first solo show in Minneapolis, artist Morgan Pease debuts an exhibition of textured depth. A departure from his previous body of work which relied heavily on structure and solid rules, Pease’s current work explores the chaotic impulsivity of the masking technique. Dubbed Mask due to its dualistic meaning, this series explores a visual representation of human insecurities, examining the divisive masks we wear in day-to-day life and the vulnerability of peeling away layers to reveal what is truly underneath.

Using a fractal imagery process that he’s been mastering for over a decade, Pease builds up layers of paint, and seals them with a gloss, resin or poly providing a contrast to the white matte color above. Working with nearly all recycled materials and custom building all of the panels and drop-in frames, Pease is hands-on during every part of the process in his art, creating pieces ranging in size from 6’’x6’’ to 4’x8’.

What started as an escapism for the “monotony” and repetitive nature of his past work, this series was birthed out of a desire simply to add color and texture to the base of his artwork. Far from simply whitewashing a color scheme, Pease creates unpredictable bursts of experimentation in the form of vivid hues peeking through in a playful nature. By adapting a new paint application process that is unstructured, more free-flowing and organic, Pease is forced to address his emotional response to his work, destroying his own masked misconceptions and insecurities surrounding the need to control and embracing chaos.

Saturday, September 23rd 7-11pm // $5
Featuring infinity ~ suite & co.


Saturday, October 14th 7-11pm // $5
Artist Talk with Morgan Pease moderated by Russ White, editor of & a set from DJ James Patrick