7 Warrior Women Artist Panel Talk

The three main contributing artists to the “7 Warrior Women” exhibition will join together to discuss their inspirations and collaborative process.

Pushing the boundaries of her technique and subject matter, Kristi Abbott led a group of local artists to create a collection of works that center around seven imagined and embodied figures—women from each of the Earth’s seven continents. These mystical and bold feminine characters represent the strength and energy of women around the world and across time. Imagined through costumes, photographs, paintings, world maps, and other elements, carry certain cultural markers distinctive to their geography and heritage, but their power and beauty speak universally to the essence of the feminine.

Abbott, a native to Australia, carefully forms intricate portraits out of varying types and textures of paper for her collage work. Her portraits are often embedded with hidden images, “small secrets” relating back to some part of the personality or biography of the individual, unlocking their story one detail at a time.

Negishi, a Japanese mural artist who works with traditional and contemporary imageries, created the spray painted backdrops for each piece, as well as several smaller complimentary pieces that will be presented alongside the seven warriors.

Epperson is a tattoo artist, painter, and maker, who contributed to the exhibition through her tattoo-like body paintings adorning each warrior, and created the headdresses and face paint worn by several of the women. Negishi and Epperson work in a similar way to Abbott, drawing on narrative and conducting thorough research that serves to inform their flowing, energetic images.

7 Warrior Women Artist Panel Talk
We’re calling this a SNOW-DAY after all! This event has been canceled and the gallery will be CLOSED for the day. Safety is most important. Stay tuned though, we are working behind the scenes to launch a podcast where curators and artists can go more in depth about the exhibits.

#7WarriorWomen will be on display for one more week with open hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1-7pm, and is available online:https://gamutgallerympls.com/shop/current-exhibition/

Featuring Kristi Abbott, Yuya Negishi, and Sarah Epperson
Moderated by Jade Patrick
Photos by Patrick Clancy Photography