C4W:2019 Art Talk

Guest Curator Teqen Zéa-Aida and Director Cassie Garner sit down for a conversation with C4W artists, including, Dawid Mludzik, Meg Lionel Murphy, Koldkral and Shhhhame. Learn about their individual processes, their ideation and their feelings on current events.

Gamut Gallery’s annual Call 4 Work exhibition never has a pre-fixed theme. The chosen guest curator brings their unique perspective and interpretation of the submitted works ranging the full “Gamut” of visual media. When Teqen Zéa-Aida accepted the challenge of curating this year’s C4W: 2019, he allowed his mind to lead quietly, without prejudice, while sorting through the 722 submissions from 177 artists.

Through the artists’ works, Zéa-Aida began to feel a very real sense of urgency emerge, an immediacy borne of the political, cultural, and environmental turmoil of our times. As a result, he has selected works from 36 artists, creating a collection of more than 40 artistic statements about place and space, sensory reactions to drastically changing—and degrading—surroundings. This year’s show features works that are centered around community, emotions, and people; a push back against loss of self.

Alex Petersen, Ashlyn Boehme, Christopher E. Harrison, Christopher Palbicki, Claire Hickman, Carissa Fern, Danielle Peters, Darren Terpstra, Dawid Mludzik, Derek Meier, Emily Dzieweczynski, Emily Quandahl, Evan Weselmann, Hilary Greenstein, Jacob Docksey, Jacob Yeates, Jeffrey Hansen, Jeremy Jones, Karine Rupp-Stanko, Koldkral, Loretta Bebeau, Maggie Dimmick, Marcia Haffmans, Matthew Bindert, Meg Lionel Murphy, Mike Ewaldt, MollieRae Miller, Murad Sayf, Natalia Berglund, Ron Brown, Russ White, Scott Roper, Shhhhame, Stephanie Friest, Taylor Robers, and Yuta Uchida.

Saturday, September 28th // 11am – 1pm
$5 pre-sale, $7 door, Free for Members
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Dawid Mludzik  is a Polish-American multidisciplinary artists currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mludzik is a veteran engineer of the United States Air Force. He studied at the University of North Dakota as well as the Florence School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Mludzik recieved a BA in Art, from the University of North Dakota in 2018. His works have been displayed in private galleries, museums, as well as international exhibitions.

Meg Lionel Murphy compulsively paints heartbroken womxn that magically grow larger, stronger, and scarier than the world around them. As the paintings grow in number, she grows just a little larger, stronger, and scarier too. When not painting, she divides her time between working as the Art + Story Director of Pollen and volunteering as Editor-in-Chief of Paper Darts.

Shhhhame is a non binary artist living in Saint Paul working in various mediums. Although their current primary focus is painting they also engage in mixed media, design, illustration, film, photography, woodwork, & textile. Growing up in a art based family structure influenced many early creative endeavors. Shame learned how to sew before they could read at age seven & fell deeply in love with the satisfaction & control of manifesting dreams. Currently they are exploring relationship with self through portraits & textiles of humans who inspire self love.

KOLDKRAL is a Turkish artist based in Minneapolis. Coming from a background in music, more recently he explores art through a visual variety. From Painting, to photography, and miscellaneous design – KOLDKRAL uses art as a coping mechanism to escape the confines of formality and structure in everyday life. Much of the themes present in their art are provoked by the desire to stray away from surface level realities. “Music is something far more than what my ears can hear. At first I started to see colours in music..Now it’s become scenes, landscapes, beings, and worlds. Music and visual arts hold the same weight for me. It’s a warhead for me to push a button on that will obliterate toxic worlds that we are living through. The days where a person could only focus on one medium are long gone. I’ve got the mind and will to create worlds from anything – how could I not do what I want?”