Blank Slate: Art & Technology Merge

Blank Slate features Arianne Zager, Aaron Schmitz, Black Daze, Derek Meier, Evan Weselmann, Maiya Lee Hartman, Neal Breton, Ron Brown, Yuta Uchida.

Gamut Gallery introduces their WebXR virtual gallery and digitally simulated art happenings; after months of cancelled exhibitions and events.“Blank Slate” is the first-of-its-kind extended reality art exhibition that merges virtual and physical worlds. Keeping with Gamut’s collaborative ethos, the creative force of curator and gallery co-owner Cassie Garner and the VR designer Brian Skalak, of REM5, brought this idea to life. “The addition of untethered headsets made the experience possible, this new technology allowed participants to wander the physical gallery while viewing virtual art.” – stated Skalak

Hours were spent digitally reproducing and beta testing the virtual 1:1 scale replication of the Gamut space. The Blank Slate opening featured an innovative experiential event where attendees were delighted, throwing their arms up with laughter, and filling the room with gasps. The initial reaction was shock as they entered an empty gallery bearing only blank walls. Once the attendees put on the wireless VR headsets (facilitated by REM5) the gallery was transformed with bright, bold colors, abstract line works and non traditional portraits popped off the walls in our new virtual environment. 

In addition to this cutting-edge in person event, anyone in the world can explore the virtual version of the gallery right from a web browser in the comfort of their own home. This accessibility allows collectors from around the globe to expand their art collections through the click of the mouse. Gamut members and guests can check in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without leaving their home. Choose your own “avatar”, invite your friends to join you online and mingle. 

September 18th & 19th, 2020
7pm – 9:30pm // $15 per ticket • FREE for Members

• 4 attendees admitted per 30 minute booked tour
• 6 Tours available both nights
• Masks Required
• Pre-sale ticket required to enter gallery
• Please arrive 10 minutes before your tour time

“As many of us have participated in creative, alternate art avenues through live streams, Zoom meetings & Instagram take-overs, we believe the VR world will transcend us to the immersive connections we have been missing. Designing virtual places to gather, discover community & enjoy art is the direction that spaces like ours will be heading.” – Cassie Garner 







Cassie Garner is a graphic designer, art curator, and gallerist living and working in Minneapolis. A founder of Gamut Gallery from the very beginning, Cassie began as the graphic designer and has grown with the gallery overtime. Three years into business when the gallery was forced to relocate, Cassie joined the ownership team and became the gallery manager where she applied her many years of retail and customer service experience. In spring of 2018 she transitioned into the role of Gallery Director and now leads operations and project management for exhibitions and events. Her other passions include collecting art, dancing, making connections, and spending time in her Southside home.




Brian Skalak is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Minneapolis and the Marketing and Events Manager at REM5 VR Lab. Through this collaboration with Gamut, he was able to lead the charge from the technical production of the virtual gallery and cutting-edge interactive events. Additionally, Skalak founded Second Sight Visuals, a digital art platform that merges tech and reality. He has produced live visuals for numerous festivals and concerts, interactive installations, visual experiences for music and a collection of nearly infinite experiments in between. You can see the work of Second Sight Visuals featured in the courtyard of the virtual Gamut Gallery.