Happy New Year!

Happiest of New Years!

Letter from the Director: 

This year has truly taught us what the word resilient stands for. We navigated social isolation, the loss of loved ones, social injustices, and major financial challenges for most. We have been bent, stretched, and compressed over & over again. With that, we became pliable & flexible, creating growth with determination and creativity to handle the unprecedented adversities that came our way. Within our community at large we prevailed, revealing to us that we could not be broken and instead, we became stronger to withstand the next blow the world had to offer. 

After cancelling multiple events & exhibits in 2020, we shifted with the times, operating out of dining rooms, garages and front porches, personally delivering artworks, creating a virtual gallery space for attendees to visit us safely from their homes, provided multiple opening nights to reach as many patrons as we could safely, collaborated with local organizations in fundraisers and finally, were left still standing to close 2020 with the event that spurred our very beginning in 2011. 

Our most recent show, Raging Art On, offered a sensation we hadn’t felt in the gallery for nearly 9 months while we have been operating in many new capacities. The presence of you all, the presence of community and the power of gathering together…again had filled with room with ooos, awes, giggles, excitement and, most importantly, the community that we have missed dearly. I am so very thankful to the 50 local artists that gave bits & pieces of themselves to create the joy that has filled our space. This year’s Raging Art On single handedly brought back all the feelings that are Gamut. We are not just a room with four walls, but we are an inclusive and safe space for individuals to gather and feel like they belong. Whether it be in-person or virtually, we remain glad to be here as a space for art and creativity to thrive.

Entering the New Year, I am filled with hope. We know that the distance we have experienced in 2020 will only continue to bring us closer together, emerging stronger than ever as we move through 2021. We will be taking all of January off as we navigate what this year of Gamut’s programming will look like. However, similar to previous years, we look forward to presenting a diversity of exhibitions reflecting the full “Gamut.” It can’t be said enough, without you we would not still be here; your support and energy keeps my heart meter filled!

Wishing you health, happiness and moments of joy –
Cassie Garner
Gallery Director

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