It Might Be Curator Talk

Our dialogue will be set amidst It Might Be curated by Chuck U, which features 13 of Chuck’s FAVORITE artists on the planet. This is the first time that Chuck has played the role of curator throughout his extensive art career spanning over 15 years. “It is important to me to curate and participate in a show that encourages viewers to find meaning in art that resonates with them and to facilitate opportunities for people to connect with art on a personal level regardless of the intent of the artist.” – Chuck U. 

Throughout the evening we will learn more about who Chuck U is as an artist, we are sure that the audience will have never-ending questions as this is also the first time Chuck has sat down for a candid artist talk in a gallery space. From there we will shift gears into what it was like for him to create this all star roster of illustrative lowbrow artists that expand the definition of fine art, story, and fantasy; dive deeper into his theme of “It Might Be” and spend some time highlighting featured artworks in the room.

Thursday, September 21st // 7pm
• $5 presale
• $10 day of the event
• Limited capacity event
• Free for Gamut Gallery Members, RSVP required – Not a Gamut Gallery member? Become one today! 

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Chuck U is an illustrator, painter, and muralist from Minneapolis MN. He has been making and exhibiting work professionally for over 15 years and is known for his signature intensive line work and imaginative subjects, color palettes, and compositions. With “It Might Be” Chuck U adds his influence to his first curatorial debut and hopes to embolden people to explore the viewers’ inclination to seek narrative and meaning within illustrative art and how this commonality is shared between both viewer and artist whether making or digesting artworks.

Cass Garner is a graphic designer, art curator, and gallerist living and working in Minneapolis. A founder of Gamut Gallery, Cass began as a graphic designer and has grown with the gallery over time. Three years into business when the gallery was forced to relocate, she joined the ownership team and became the gallery manager where she applied her many years of retail and customer service experience. In the spring of 2018, Cass transitioned into the role of Gallery Director and now leads operations and project management for exhibitions and events. Cass’s curatorial practice has expanded since 2021, she produces over a dozen exhibits outside of Gamut Gallery in the course of a year throughout the HAUS Salons in Minneapolis and The Coven in St. Paul.