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  1. Colab Art Night – Speed Dating Canvases

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    We are very excited to welcome back CoLab Art Night: the magic-makers evening that gave rise to Gamut Gallery.

    This quarter we celebrate with “Speed Dating Canvases” …not REAL speed-dating! Instead of being paired with a stranger for a few minutes, participants rotate between different art supply stations so that by the end of the night everyone has gotten to explore a variety of media. It is an art party where you will have a brief encounter with a variety of art forms from acrylics to googly eyes. Connect with each medium for 7 minutes as music sets the mood, but when the beat stops…be ready to rotate to the next creation station!

    Don’t worry about picking up the masterpieces left behind, this night is all about the process & not the outcome. As each genre is visited by a series of eligible experimenters, a roomful of collaborative artwork takes shape. Witness the hilarious, the clever, and the surprisingly evocative works that are created by a community looking for a canvas to love. Singles, couples, artists, beginners: it all adds up to a wild affair.

    “Speed Dating Canvases,” will be set amidst Spit Shade 3: Sailors and Sweethearts, an exhibition celebrating the tattoo community. Curated by Adam Underwood and Rachael Bringgold, Spit Shade 3 showcases work from over 50 local & national artists expressing their individual creations and interpretations of this year’s theme, Sailors & Sweethearts. Thank you to #SpitShade curator Rachael Bringgold for this great image.

    Thursday, February 13th, 7pm – 10pm
    “Speed Dating Canvases” Spit Shade Finale
    Pre-sale available $9 • $5 for Gamut Members
    This event is 18+

    Space is limited to 28 seats, THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT!
    Singles, couples, artists, beginners; it all adds up to a wild affair!


  2. Spit Shade 3

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Adam Chiodo, Adam Underwood, Ashli (Rabbitt) Powers, Ashley Dahl, Bleach, Chase Tucker, Chaz Chaffee, Chris Anderson-Arnesan, Creed Denny, Emilie Robinson, Emily Snow, Erin Armstrong, Garrett Rautio, Jason Colehour, Jason Helgerson, Jeff Marek, Jessica Madison, Jesse Heike, Jeremy Souders, Josh Crotty, Justin Coppolino, Kyle James, Lefty Lipuma, Matt (Poohki) Ward, Matt Zins, McKenzie Wilson, Michael Tejeda, Michaela Erickson, Nic Skrade, Nick Hams, Rachael Bringgold, Rebecca Smith, Sam Creighton, Sam Van Vo, Sara Legel, Scott Elke, Spencer Hodgson, Steven Skorjanec, Taylor Dees, Tony Denny, Tyler Jewett, & Zack Kinsey.

    Spit Shade 3: Sailors and Sweethearts, curated by Minneapolis tattoo artists Rachael Bringgold and Adam Underwood, will showcase work from over 40 local & national artists. The exhibiting artists have two criteria they must adhere to; the only mediums allowed are inking, watercolor, oil or acrylic and the artists must interpret this year’s theme as they see fit. Coinciding with Villain Arts Tattoo Convention, the opening night of Spit Shade will be the official kick-off party for this year’s convention. Gamut Gallery is excited to welcome back all the visiting artists from across the nation and looks forward to celebrating the tattoo community.

    Curators Bringgold and Underwood selected artists from a pool of current and former colleagues along with artists whose work they admire. The artists represent the diversity of art and tattooing burgeoning in the metro area, ranging from artists with over 20 years under their belts to newly emerging artists who are just beginning to express their craft through their machines. Together they put together an exhibit that allows the artists to express their individual creations and interpretations of this year’s theme, “Sailors & Sweethearts,” a title Bringgold holds close to her heart.

    As a participant in last year’s Spit Shade, Bringgold enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with other artists to showcase tattoo art and styles in a fine art setting. As a tattoo artist with a fine art background, Bringgold is excited for another opportunity to unite her two passions, and share a body of work by this unique artistic community with the wider audience. Inspired by Bringgold’s concept of sailors and sweethearts, Underwood produced the graphic for this year’s exhibition. “It was the first thing I sketched up based on the idea. I liked it, so I ran with it,” says Underwood.

    Thursday, January 9th 7-11pm
    Pre-sale $10, Door $15, FREE for Members
    Featuring an all vinyl set by DJ No Pants
    Official opening party for the Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention, January 10th – 12th, 2020


    Thursday, February 13th, 7pm – 10pm
    “Speed Dating Canvases,” is an art party where you can have a brief encounter with a variety of art forms from acrylics to googly eyes. Connect with each medium for 7 minutes as music sets the mood, but when the beat stops… Be ready to rotate to the next creation station! This night is all about the process & not the outcome.

    Weekly Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11-6pm
    Artwork below by Justin Coppolino

    Adam Underwood has been tattooing out of the Twin Cities area for the past 10 years. His background in illustration allows him to express his passion in a wide variety of styles through the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital formats. Underwood is currently a tattoo artist at Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio in Uptown Minneapolis.  

    Rachael Bringgold has been tattooing for 10+ years and is known for her quirky and colorful artistic approach. Rachael began her career with a Fine Arts degree from the Arts Institute of Minneapolis and currently tattoos at Broken Hearts Tattoo Club in Northeast Minneapolis, where she brings her art-to-life.

  3. Spit Shade 2

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    Featured Artists: Adam Underwood, Alli Shelly, Andre Servin, Andrew Knettel, Andy Hefner,  Anthony Elliott, Ariel Cafarelli, Bleach, Brandon Holt, Charlie Forbes, Chase Tucker, Claudia “Billy“ Baca, Collin Rigsby, Craig Moore, Chris Norden, Daniel Vasquez, Emilie Robinson, Erin Armstrong, Helen Sevig, Jason Walstrom, Jesse Heike, Jessi Lawson, Jesse Skaggs, Jessica Canvas, Jessie McNally, Joseph Christensen, Kelly Rehbein, Kali Koltz, Lindsee “Bee” Boyer,  Mark Tyler, Max V.K., Megan Hoogland, Mitch Marlow, Nic Scrade, Nighttrain Max, Niki Hughes, Nora Peterson, Rachael Bringgold, Reid Gosmire, Ryan “Opie” Mueller, Sarah Epperson, Sarah Louise Meyer, Scott Elke, Scotty Munster, Shannon Michael, Shahn Anderson, Steven Skorjanec, Tony Powers, Troy Timple, Zack Kinsey.  

    Some of the most dynamic art created today adorns one of the most delicate mediums—human skin. Gamut Gallery is creating space for these talented tattoo artists to feature their abilities using watercolor, acrylic & oil paints. Spit Shade 2: Babes, Beasts & Botanicals is our second official opening party for the Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Convention. This ONE weekend only exhibition will include 50 local & national artists showcasing this vibrant artform.

    Minneapolis tattoo artists, Lindsee “Bee” Boyer and Jessi Lawson, act as this years curators. In the relatively brief time she’s been tattooing, Lindsee Boyer’s work has garnered worldwide attention from fans of the art form. Owner and founder of Bee Ink Tattoo, Boyer travels across the country to work on clients in some of the world’s most prestigious shops. Long time artist, Jessi Lawson, has shown her paintings in international galleries for the past two decades. In 2006, Lawson shifted her canvas of choice to skin and began tattooing professionally. Both curators find inspiration from nature and travel; it is visible in their complimentary styles and throughout the theme in this exhibition.

    Thursday, January 10th 7-11pm
    $10 // Free for Gamut Members
    Official opening party for the Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention
    Featuring BAARDMUSIC

    Friday & Saturday January 11th – 12th // 1-7PM

  4. Spit Shade

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    An exhibit of local & national tattoo artists curated by Lindsee Boyer and Nate Vincent Szklarski. Opening night doubles as official opening for the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention.


    FEATURED ARTISTS: Adam Underwood, Alex Gregory, Andrew Travis, Anthony Elliott II, Bleach, Bradley Trotter, Cody Goins, Charlie Forbes, Chris Chapman, Chris Dobransky, Chris Krapohl, Collin Rigsby, Daniel Jimenez, Dave Tieman, Emmanuel Mendoza, Frog, Gabby Maravelas, Garrett Rautio, Isaac Brethauer, J. Adams, Jack Gribble, Jamie Thomas, Jason Walstrom, Jeremiah Kanne, Jeremy Calverley, Jesse Heike, Jessie McNally, Joseph Christensen, Joshua Strand, Julie Freeland, Kyle Mack,Kyle Skyer, Lindsee Bee, Marina Berry, Marissa Wunders, Poohki, Matt Zins, Max VK, Mike Grant, Nate Vincent Szklarski, Nick  Hams, Reid Gosmire, Richard Hudson, Ryan “Opie” Mueller, Sampson Hurley, Simeon Nelson, Spencer Hodgson, Taylor Dees, Troy Timple, Wayne Evans.

    An art form with an over 1,000 year history, tattooing is slowly losing the rebellion stigma that it previously held, with roughly one in five Americans now claiming one. Through changing social norms powered in part by the online era and a new generation of tattoo consumers, the art form is slowly gaining acknowledgement within fine-art communities. Partnering with local Minneapolis tattoo artists Lindsee Boyer of Bee Ink and Nate Vincent Szklarski of Saint Sabrina’s, Gamut Gallery presents Spit Shade, an exhibit of original artwork created by tattoo artists.

    The initial idea for Spit Shade was to create an exhibition space reminiscent of a tattoo shop waiting area covered with flash designs. While affinity for those classic designs is in some ways a prerequisite for this line of work, most tattoo artists find their way into tattooing through an early interest in the arts and continue their individual art practice outside the shop. As planning progressed, the curators decided to broaden the scope of the exhibit and encourage tattoo artists to explore other media and inspirations. As stated by Nate, “as a tattooer I know that I love to create body art for people, but at the end of the day nothing feels more passionate than putting down the machine and picking up a brush and creating something that ultimately is mine from start to finish.” While many of the artworks exhibited will retain the spirit of tattoo art, the organizers are excited to see what experiments and innovations will be created.

    Spit Shade provides an opportunity to not only bring the robust and varied Minnesota tattoo community together, but also to include artists from other states who will be coming to town for the annual Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention. Opening night of the exhibit will double as the official opening party for the convention and will feature DJ No Pants, playing music from the likes of the Kinks and other 1960’s, & 70’s bands & hip-hop hits from the 90’s

    • Top image by Nate Vincent Szklarski
    • Bottom image by Adam Underwood

    Official MPLS Tattoo Arts Convention Opener:
    Thursday January 4th, 7-11pm // $5 w/ DJ No Pants
    Playing the bands from the 1960’s, & 70’s + hip-hop hits from the 90’s


    Saturday January 20th, 5-8pm // FREE w/ DJ Bobby Kahn
    Bringing the Funk as only Bobby Khan, Kahn…

    Exhibition Runs through January 20th:
    FREE open hours Thursdays – Saturdays 1-7pm