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    Isn’t it time to bring the gallery crawl back to Minneapolis? Where people can wander from one gallery to the next, view art that is professionally presented and smartly curated, and meet up with other art enthusiasts? Six galleries across the downtown arts district are working together to make this happen, and bring back this element of a ‘gallery scene’.

    The Exhibitions (by Gallery):

    SooVAC: Black and Yellow. Oregon artist Donald Morgan’s exhibition will combine two complimentary bodies of work. His concepts are generated from reworking narrative elements from books, a loose process of adapting and re-territorializing text into sculptures and paintings.
    + Kulture High, by Kelly O’Brien, explores a tongue-in-cheek examination of how contemporary art and pop culture compete and complement one another.

    Groveland: A summer-long spotlight on local artists takes place in June with two new exhibitions at Groveland Gallery. Pictures from a Trip is a travel-themed exhibition featuring paintings, prints and drawings by 41 gallery artists. Love Letters from Artists, an invitational group show curated by St. Paul architect and artist Peter Kramer, presents over 75 letters from artists across the Twin Cities. Artists were encouraged to “paint, weave, paste, fold and print what’s in their hearts,” promising a unique exhibition that celebrates the tradition of writing and receiving letters.

    Gamut: Middle Class Aspirations features Wundr, Biafra Inc., and Urban Camper in a merging of their media and political activism. Through prints, photography and paintings, the three street artists shine a prudent spotlight on class division, expose inequality and celebrate those who are attempting to rise above hardships and better themselves.

    Instinct: Art On Air. Through the work of seven visual artists, this exhibition is designed to help us appreciate the ubiquitous, essential, invisible ocean of air that we live in. One could experience life in the envelope and hardly give air a second thought. This show is meant to put us consciously in touch with our atmosphere, air quality, the beauty of big skies, the essence of breathing, and the virtue of the invisible.

    Burnet: In ‘sugar sugar’ Ashely Peifer’s deceptively simple, candy-colored abstracts intentionally evoke impressions of simpler times and childlike innocence. Inspired by Mary Heilmann – with suggestions of Lisa Frank, Peifer’s works are intentionally vague, reflecting the emotional nature of nostalgia to distort memory.

    Circa: OMFORME + CIRCA features an eclectic mix of modern and vintage repurposed furniture and accessories, and recent contemporary abstract artwork. The exhibit is a juxtaposition of textures, palettes, inventive materials, and art and design influences.