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  1. JSSWHTNY “No Mind” Release

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    “As JSSWHTNY, Jesse Whitney is continuing a decade-long exploration of the possibilities inherent in computer/synthesis sound generation—one that’s afforded the Minneapolis-based composer and producer the opportunity to operate in genres ranging from hip hop to indie rock by way of party-intensive disco. What makes his latest endeavor different is the focus: returning to his roots as a producer of DIY electronic music.

    On No Mind, the spirit of mutation couldn’t be more rampant. While what happens on JSSWHTNY’s first album wouldn’t be possible without the last 25 years of dance music, his explorations treat contemporary EDM like a beloved remote ancestor. Whitney wields a command of texture and tone pretty much unknown among dance music producers, as is his capacity for pressing every available asset into the service of a narrative sense that makes the album’s 13 tracks seem way more epic than their brevity could possibly permit.” -Rod Smith

    Also featuring music from Mantonio & Jonathon Ackerman.