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  1. In A Gallery Far, Far Away…

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Benja Wuest, Blaine Garrett, Brook Thompson, CL Martin, Cory Favre, Dani Frame, Drake Johnson, Erik Tiberius Lervold, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jeff Bockenhauer, Jesse Golfis, Jesse Quam, Joe Rheault, Kurtis Johnson, Leslie Barlow, Mark Dean, Matt Ihle, Russ White, Sean Lynch


    In A Gallery Far, Far Away… presents a celebration of Star Wars, paying homage to the franchise while including a variety of artists from different backgrounds working in various media, showcasing that Star Wars is not defined by George Lucas or Disney, but belongs to the fans. This exhibit will be on display for three days only with free viewing during our regular weekly hours (Thur-Sat 1-7pm), and will culminate with a proper party Saturday, December 16th, 7-11pm ($5 entry or free with gallery membership). The party will feature a live orchestral performance of the Star Wars theme song in addition to other inspired improvisations by Adam Conrad’s Improvestra. The Headspace Collective will bring us back to the times of the original Star Wars release by spinning late 70’s era disco, and Andy Fitton will contribute a space-inspired ambient DJ set to the festivities. Star Wars costumes are strongly encouraged.


    Whether you love it or hate it, Star Wars has been an influence on your life. Marking its 40th anniversary this year, spanning a multitude of media and connecting generations, the Star Wars franchise is pervasive to modern life. Even if you haven’t seen the films, countless musicians, artists, filmmakers and more have been shaped by the Star Wars-verse, the extensive range of products that have helped bring “nerd” culture into the mainstream. The eighth installment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15th, and Gamut’s original crew members Mark Dean and Kurtis “Kujo” Johnson thought it fitting to present a Minneapolis artists’ ode to Star Wars: In A Gallery Far, Far Away…


    ABOUT THE CURATORS: The two curators came to Star Wars in different ways; Dean a die-hard fan from childhood, and Kujo more recently found affinity by watching the series with his son. The concept behind the exhibit is driven by Star Wars fandom. The curators are even planning to recreate a child’s bedroom, complete with posters, comics, and action figures. The exhibit was invitational at first, but as word spread about the show, Dean and Kujo decided to put out a call for submissions, recognizing that there are so many unique styles pushing the envelope in exciting and innovative ways. The artists were asked not only to think about the impact of Star Wars on their lives, but also to think about the larger galaxy and cosmos to gain inspiration for their works. Not limited to branded franchise imagery, artists were encouraged to explore Star Wars world phenomenon, inspiring a wide variety of works that collectively create an environment rich in imagination.

    Saturday December 16th // 7-11pm
    $5 or FREE w/membership
    Costumes encouraged + live music from Andy Fitton, Improvestra & The Headspace Collective

    Thursday December 14th // 1-7PM
    Friday December 15th // 1-7PM
    Saturday December 16 th // 1-7PM