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    Working closely alongside fine artist Kate Renee as she created her “7 Sins” collection of paintings, choreographer Danielle Ricci of Borealis Dance showcases performance inspired by the underlying ideologies of the #7Sins exhibition. For this project, Ricci opened up the opportunity for company dancers to chose a sin they had an affinity towards and create dance pieces inspired by those paintings. All of the pieces are interpretations of Renee’s creations, expressed through modern dance in various ways, in sum creating a cohesive response to her work.

    Just like a finger print, no two people see art the same way. “Of Vice and Virtue” is a visual example of how we interpret things and form opinions through an individual lens. What Renee captured in paint, Ricci and fellow Borealis members comment and respond through expressive movement. By welcoming the audience to interpret each piece in their own distinctive way, the experience becomes multi-dimensional, much like Renee’s multi-dimensional paintings, 3-D in their appearance. Through collaboration with local artists, like Kate Renee, Borealis Dance sets out to bridge the gap between art forms to create deep, meaningful work that moves the audiences and challenges them to explore their own understanding.

    Following the performance, Gamut Gallery’s Juleana Enright will mediate an art talk between Kate Renee and Danielle Ricci for an in-depth look into the philosophy behind each painting and dance piece. Audience participation and questions encouraged!

    *Doors at 7:30pm, Performance at 8pm  / $10 admission


    Adopting a name inspired by the Aurora Borealis “dancing lights of the sky,” Borealis Dance’s mission is to make the art of dance more accessible to the community by finding new ways to look at our world and reflecting modern life through the art of movement while collaborating with artists in the community to bring a sense of camaraderie among different art forms. In the spirit of integrating new ideas into everyday life, Borealis Dance strives to relate to and inspire their audience on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level to create the experience of a dance that moves you. http://www.borealisdance.org/

    Painter Kate Renee returns for her second solo show exhibition with Gamut Gallery debuting her new three dimensional painting technique in her exhibition, 7 Sins. A natural progression to her Beauties Behaving Badly exhibit, Renee’s latest series examines the seven deadly sins – gluttony, wrath, greed, envy, vanity, sloth and lust – each paired with a familiar pop culture icon or classic cartoon character. Through political and pop culture parody, Renee’s characters provide light-hearted, playful narratives for the underlying sinister themes of her work.

    Follow Gamut Gallery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements leading up to these events. Exhibit’s official hashtag: #7Sins