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  1. Milk For Two

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    MINNEAPOLIS, Saturday, January 12, and Sunday, January 13, at 7:00 p.m. – Gamut Gallery presents “Milk For Two,” a performance art piece by Jade Patrick. Patrick confronts the breastfeeding controversy head-on, in a piece that seeks to unveil the truth beneath the outcry of obscenity, sexualization and repression in the name of decorum. What lies beneath may be an act of beauty beyond words, or simply commonplace and functional. Performers include Patrick and her twin sons Darwin and Roland, local dancers Arturo Miles and Wendy Thomas, with live instrumental by Sarah Grudem: the Milk For Two image was created by printmaker Ash Marlene Hane. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to La Leche League.

    Public breastfeeding has been a topic of contention in contemporary America. Recent polls report that 50% of Americans believe nursing women should cover themselves when breastfeeding or not breastfeed in public. In the everyday, individuals turn away when they see it in public, and mothers have been accused of indecency and pressured to censor themselves. Although most countries maintain legal acceptance of breastfeeding, the argument to cover or cloister breastfeeding is prevalent in the United States. In Milk for Two, Patrick challenges the audience to reexamine the act of breastfeeding and decide for themselves.

    “For millions of years, humans and our ancestors have sustained life on Earth by feeding our young from women’s breast milk. It has adapted with us to remain the optimal source of nutrition through all these years. It was only in the past hundred years – a blink in the eye of our existence – that any alternative has been widely available. With ‘Milk For Two,’ I aim to show the purity of this undertaking, one of the greatest things a mother can do for her young.” – Jade Patrick

    $10 – Saturday January 12th & Sunday January 13th, 2013 at 7pm – doors open at 6:30pm
    Half of all proceeds will be donated to La Leche League, an international organization dedicated to promoting breast feeding.
    Additional donations can be made at ticket purchase website, Brown Paper Tickets.

    Jade Patrick produces multimedia events in downtown Minneapolis, an enterprise that culminated in the founding of Gamut Gallery in June of 2012. Since childhood she has enjoyed painting, dance, and photography, but her greatest passion is connecting creative people. She lives in the McKinley neighborhood of North Minneapolis with her husband, twin boys, and sister.

    Gamut Gallery opened its doors June 9, 2012 with an event that was attended by over 500 people and was an official Northern Spark Festival location. The second exhibit featured a collaborative event, {Gold Press}, which was A-listed by the Minneapolis City Pages. Their exhibits and events continue to be featured in local newspapers and magazines online and in print. Gamut Gallery is a community driven gallery that focuses on “art of the happening,” showing diverse media and content that engages the audience in the experience of viewing or interacting with art. For more information visit Gamut Gallery on Facebook.