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    BRUSH | REED is set amongst an exhibition in a field of color we call #TINT. Created by juxtaposition of forms that collide in a way that transcends reason and thought, encouraging the viewer to be present and experience the immediacy of the moment.

    Linnea Marie Maas & Jennifer Bill join together to explore the parallels between painting and music via live stage performances. Jennifer transforms the printed notes of her musical score into lush soundscapes, while Linnea further interprets the music into visual color and form on her fresh canvas.The live art that blooms at every BRUSH | REED performance captivates and moves audiences. The paintings that emerge establish a visual memory of the sights, sounds, and emotions of each intimate affair, impressing upon the audience member a feeling of symbiosis between the two disciplines presented to them.

    The artists join together to explore the parallels between painting and music via live stage performances. Jennifer transforms the printed notes of her musical score into lush soundscapes, Linnea further interprets the music into visual color and form on her fresh canvas.The live art that blooms at every BRUSH|REED performance captivates and moves audiences. The paintings that emerge establish a visual memory of the sights, sounds, and emotions of each intimate affair, impressing upon each audience member a feeling of symbiosis between the two disciplines presented to them.

    Brush | Reed
    Thursday May 23rd, Doors 7pm, $5
    Featuring Linnea Maas & Dr. Jennifer Bill
    This is the only performance booked door this dynamic duo in Minneapolis, don’t miss out!

    BRUSH|REED was conceived in the Summer of 2008 on a warm, humid afternoon in Minneapolis, when the painter and musician — both originally from the area and friends since 1995—were brainstorming a way to fuse their respective arts. BRUSH|REED emerged as an experience designed to cross disciplines, unite their passions, and highlight the close relationship between music and visual arts for audiences around the world.




    Linnea Mass was born in Minneapolis on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1979 and was carried home during a snowstorm. She grew up in the small town of Mound and always drew. Her attraction to visual drama started early: when she was only 32 inches tall, she stood in the kitchen doorway and was shocked as Grandma removed all her teeth at once. This was the first vivid image that impressed itself on her memory and precluded a lifetime of visual thinking.

    Later, leaning on the bark of a thin limb midway up her favorite maple tree, Linnea was touched by the tenderest breeze. It was filled with the sensation of perfection and she could feel it contained all the secrets of the alternate nature of the universe. The sensation of unutterable beauty has caused years of daydreaming and unremitting attempts at translating the elusive feelings into shapes communicating complexities bigger than words, a little picture guide to these unidentifiable but poignant emotions.

    Linnea studied illustration at Washington University In St Louis and cultivated her current graphic style after taking a woodcut print class, where under the direction of a spontaneously combusting maniac she developed a penchant for triphop in the wee hours of the morning and putting thick outlines around objects in her drawings.

    In 2004 the Robots invaded.

    Currently, Linnea spends her time making art at a converted casket factory in Northeast Minneapolis. She just finished drawing her very first coloring book. Her projects include acrylic and oil paintings, murals, commissions, and collaborations; action painting with rock bands, classical saxophonists, and electronic music DJs; freelance illustration, designing furniture, making pictures for children’s books, and staring at the sky through moving branches.

    Her thoughts are still all pictures, and she fills pages of sketchbooks with secret nonsense and meandering doodles, out of which evolve series of characters brimming with internal dialogue. Linnea paints them into pictures to nudge you to believe in her imagined reality where colors are twice as bright, love is infinitely more vivid, and the world is condensed into simple, crystallized pleasures, so just a smile ignites a connection to make any distance small.

    Jennifer Bill is a saxophonist and conductor, Dr. Jennifer Bill has performed in Asia, throughout Europe and the United States.  She performs solo and chamber music with a variety of groups including BRUSH|REED, Pharos Quartet, and ēmergere.  As a conductor she currently leads the Boston University Concert Band.

    As a saxophonist, Dr. Bill has performed contemporary chamber music with a diverse group of artists including vocalists, clarinetists, cellists, flutists, violinists, taped media, percussionists, wind quintet, and dancers.  Currently she is working with visual artist Linnea Maas in the experimentation of the auralvisual in a collaboration named BRUSH|REED.  BRUSH|REED has performed in Hong Kong, Scotland, and the USA.  Dr. Bill has participated in numerous world premieres for saxophone including most recently Faustus: a SaxOpera by John Plant in 2016 as part of World-Wide Concurrent Premieres, Greenwich Village Portraits by David Amram in 2014 as part of World-Wide Concurrent Premieres, Canciones Andinas by Michael C. Kregler in 2014, A deep clear breath of life by John Plant in 2013, Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom by Shih-Hui Chen in 2013 as part of World-Wide Concurrent Premieres, and Two Reflections on Poems by Anne Sexton by Michael C. Kregler in 2012.  She has been a guest soloist with the Boston University Wind Ensemble in 2016 and 2005, the BUTI Wind Ensemble in August of 2015, the Hong Kong Wind Ensemble In May of 2014, and the Northeastern University Wind Ensemble in November of 2012.  She has participated in national and world conferences including the World Saxophone Congress, the North American Saxophone Alliance national conference, and the North American Saxophone Alliance regional conference.

    As a conductor Dr. Bill currently leads the Boston University Concert Band and is an active clinician throughout New England. She previously led the Providence College Symphonic Winds from 2009-2017.  Dr. Bill led the BU Concert Band in a tour of Ireland in May of 2015 with performances in Dublin, Galway, Killarney and Macroom, was a guest conductor with the Hong Kong Wind Ensemble in May of 2014, and in May of 2011 led the PC Symphonic Winds in a tour of Italy with performances in Napoli, Maiori, and Monte Porzio Cantone (Roma).

    Dr. Bill is currently faculty at Boston University, performance faculty at Boston College, applied faculty at Rhode Island College, and adjunct professor of music at Pine Manor College.  She is the saxophone instructor, wind ensemble coordinator, and assistant director of the saxophone workshop for the Boston University Tanglewood Institute.  She serves on the Board of Directors for World-Wide Concurrent Premiers and Commissioning Funds, Inc. Dr. Bill is also the sole organizer, director and officer of Music Performance & Education, Inc.

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    Featuring Bret Brown, Cary Reeder, Human Shaped Animal, Monty Montgomery, NERS Neonlumberjack, Neal Breton and Nick Wilkinson.

    “I want to give something back to the artistic community. I saw what a great gallery Gamut was, and I wanted to share the value of exhibiting here with other artists from around the country.” – Neal Breton

    Curator and Artist Neal Breton met Gamut Gallery through blindly submitting and being selected in Gamut’s open Call for Work in fall of 2016. He quickly established a long lasting partnership with the gallery by participating in Sq2 the following year. Breton found the gallery to be an ideal venue for putting together TINT, a group show with color being its unifying thread, a concept he’s been developing for years.

    When Breton conceived the exhibit, he had something a bit different from the average show in mind. The world has become much smaller in recent years, and Neal’s goal was to bring a broad, worldly perspective in color together under one roof. To accomplish this, Neal and Gamut Gallery Director, Cassie Garner, selected artists approaching color from opposite poles. Half of the artists stick to geometric rules while the other half explores more organic forms. These approaches come together in a field of color to create a juxtaposition of forms that collide in a way that transcends reason and thought, encouraging the viewer to be present and experience the immediacy of the moment.

    Garner shared Breton’s goal and proved an ideal accomplice. “We workshopped a list of artists that we both wanted in the exhibit. That was the most fun part—it was like picking our favorite players to be on the team.” The vibrant out-of-state dream team roster includes artist Neal Breton, Monty Montgomery, Bret Brown, Cary Reeder, Human Shaped Animal, NERS Neonlumberjack, and Nick Wilkinson. Together they produce an exhibit full of textures, salvaged materials, paintings and sculptures that invite the viewer to appreciate the work through their eyes rather than their thoughts.

    Saturday, May 4th 7-10pm, $5
    Featuring all OUT-OF-STATE ARTIST: Bret Brown, Cary Reeder, Human Shaped Animal, Monty Montgomery, Neal Breton, NERS Neonlumberjack, and Nick Wilkinson

    Elliot Park Art Walk
    Thursday May 9th, 5-8pm, FREE
    Take a tour through the Elliot Park Neighborhood and local shops

    Brush | Reed
    Thursday May 23rd, Doors 6pm, $5
    An aural visual experience collaboration between artist Linnea Maas and musician Dr. Jennifer Bill. Explore the parallels of painting and sound through live performance.

    7 Year Itch Birthday Party
    Friday, June 7th 7pm-11pm, $10
    Celebrate Gamut Gallery’s 7th year Anniversary
    With live music and entertainment 













    Neal Breton combines acrylic paint, gouache, and spray painting to create flat, simple fields of color. Starting with a sketch from the book he carries everywhere, Neal creates works that communicate as little as possible through detailed lines; he prefers to let the variance of colors create depth, shadow, and intention. Inspired by the color, flora, and fauna of California, where this native East Coaster landed at a young age, Neal also includes graffiti, early pop art, graphic design, architecture, and California’s strange and beautiful people among his palette of influences. Rather than chasing commercial success, this self-taught artist works with what speaks to him, crafting a series of notions that reflect the joy his creative process.

    Monty Montgomery uses his intuition about color and the physical relationships between objects to create an emotional language that connects the viewer with his work, art that reflects his Blue Ridge Mountain roots. Visceral and emotional reactions to daily experiences inform Monty’s work. Since his teen years, he’s expressed his perception of the external world by blending conflicting elements into seamless harmony through color theory, mathematics, and abstraction to create unique geometric style. 

    California-based painter/illustrator Bret Brown uses acrylic, oil, collage, photo-transfer, found object, graphite, ink, spray paint, and a variety of other media to create his symbolic, abstract, and at times playful art. Heavily influenced by Southern Californian pop, surf, punk, and skate cultures, Bret crafts personal, emotional, psychological paintings that are also influenced by the Buddhist concepts of scale invariance, samsara, impermanence, and interconnectedness. Shifting away from recognizable form, Bret utilizes a deconstructive process to inspire viewers to find multifaceted meaning in his work.

    After moving to Houston in 1996, Miami, Florida native Cary Reeder spent more than a decade as a graphic artist and typesetter. Her work has been featured in local, regional, and national juried exhibitions, and in solos shows at Mystic Lyon, Galveston Arts Center, Optical Project, and Lawndale Art Center. In 2013 she was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the Houston Arts Alliance and in 2014 was a Hunting Prize Finalist. Cary has been featured twice in New American Paintings. She teaches at Art League Houston.

    After receiving a B.A. in Painting and Digital Design from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, Human Shaped Animal aka ​Rachel Barnes​ packed up her soul and embarked on a journey cross country. After experiencing the West Coast, she became enamored of the region’s ever-changing landscapes and the energy they emanated. She relocated to Santa Cruz, where she dove into life as a mural artist creating large-scale work based on geometric shapes and the natural world, seeking the balance between the two. Rachel’s work integrates live, organic material with bold color schemes.


    NERS Neonlumberjack bikes suburban neighborhoods and city streets collecting detritus he uses to create his art. “When was the last time that you picked up something dead? A deceased butterfly, a bone found deep in the woods?” he asks. “Our curiosity is most certainly inviting us to the tactile sensation, the up-close study of the things we are supposed to fear.” His work indulges his own curiosity and love for specimens, and invites viewers to explore that curiosity for themselves. He adds pattern to salvaged materials—wood, bone, stone, feathers, canvas—to create an access point that invites viewers to look, to touch, to hold that bone. Though his work deals with death and the trashing of the planet, he also wants the viewer to experience the joy of the life that was part of the whole experience.

    Nick Wilkinson lives and works on California’s Central Coast. Beyond having a full time painting practice, and owning a specialty plant nursery, Nick has been Director of LEFT FIELD Gallery since early 2015. He has also shown his own work in galleries across the country. Notable exhibitions include Body High, a 3-person show at Tiger Versus Asteroid along side Rema Ghuloum and John Mills as well as many other group shows such as: Does It Make a Sound at Ochi Gallery in Ketchum Id, Zing Zam Blunder, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavik, Iceland, Curated By Brian Scott Campbell (2017); From Here, Flourescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN., Curated By Zach Searcy (2016); Out of the Great Wide Open, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, CA. (2015);  Ducks, curated by Ryan Travis Christian, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2014); Thresholds, SLO Museum of Art, SLO, CA. (2013)