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  1. Flag Show // Exhibit Finale

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    Lauren Thorson has selected twenty-five artists and given free reign to create a flag representing identity, associations and loyalties. It begins with the idea of coming together to communicate, like a flag tells the story of the weather, using the age-old method of emblems. Join us for the closing reception Saturday, August 24th, 7-10pm. Learn more at FLAGSHOW.org

    Maria Fernanda Albornoz, Minneapolis, MN
    Gustavo Inafuku, São Paulo, Brazil
    Andrew Allison, Pittsburgh, PA
    Katie Hargrave, Minneapolis, MN
    Nicole Killian, Internet
    Vadim Gershman, Minneapolis, MN
    Madeline Sorenson, Minneapolis, MN
    Steve Listwon, Boston, MA
    Adam Setala, Minneapolis, MN
    Anton Pearson, Brooklyn, NY
    Christopher Gasser, Minneapolis, MN
    Camille Morehead, Iowa
    Erik Brandt, Minneapolis, MN
    Michael David Franklin, Minneapolis, MN
    Peter Haakon Thompson, Minneapolis, MN
    Julia Parris, Brooklyn, NY
    Sara Kabri & Luis Lopez Smith, London, United Kingdom
    Studio Set, Minneapolis, MN
    Maison Nue, Paris, France
    Dante Carlos, Minneapolis, MN
    Lea Sorrentino, Philadelphia PA
    Eman Alshawaf, Kuwait City, Kuwait
    Michael Menchaca, San Antonio, TX
    Brian Walbergh, United States of America
    Protey Temen, Moscow, Russia
    Elsa Westreicher, Leipzig, Germany