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  1. Genrebeast 4: QaanaaQ CD Release + Creative Combustion Finale

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    For the closing reception of photography series, Creative Combustion, we welcome back the genre-obliterating project, Genrebeast for its second to last performance on the Gamut stage. Featuring the heady, heavy, angular rock of Qaanaaq, Genrebeast 4 marks the CD release party for “Separate / Weak.” Qaanaaq (kuh-nAHk) is the charismatic union of former Hot Ashes musicians Steve Jaksa – Bass, Ray Minge – Violin, and Gus Watkins – Guitar, Vocals, with the addition of Deephaven and Hello Blue’s Ben Prohaska – Drums. Their first single “Skeleton” took a stark look at addiction, and the forces that compel people to abuse their bodies in an attempt to fix their minds. Their live performance is sure to invoke a dynamic energy that mirrors the collaborative combustion of Gamut’s current exhibit. http://qaanaaq.band/

    The event will include performances by funk, love, soul band Jaedyn James & The Hunger and rock singer/songwriter Courtney Yasmineh, plus live soundscapes between acts by Peter Bregman, Adam Biel, Ficshe, Chrysanthemum, Charlie Milkey, Adriatic, Jada Brown.

    $8 or $13 with CD // Purchase at Gamut Gallery or online at: http://genrebeast4.bpt.me/

    $10 Day of $15 w/CD

    For the photojournalistic group exhibition, #CreativeCombustion, Natarius selected 18 creative makers representing a wide array of media and followed them to their place of inspiration, be it a physical atmosphere or an emotive memory. Documenting the experience through 35mm film and in-depth interviews, Natarius and his team of photographers and journalists hand-printed and compiled a photo essay exploring the source of creativity. Featuring photographers, musicians, aerial performers, master brewers, tattoo artists, curators, dancers, installation artists, and mixed media artists, the final project is a compelling visual photography series depicting talent and energy which offers an accompanying art book with pages of expose on the psychology of the art and the story behind their impulse to create.  

  2. Genrebeast

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    A genre obliterating project from local musician, Gus Watkins, Genrebeast is a visceral art/sound experience that puts Gamut at the epicenter of a 6-month-long music residency. Genrebeast features five album releases from five contradistinctive bands to coincide with five exhibit finales. Gamut is proud to host an exclusive event that merges an audience of art and music lovers alike for a sensory extravaganza.

    With five wildly different, diverse-sounding projects, Watkins and his varied set of kindred musicians conceptualize and compose music meant to be explored as an art form, creating  without being overly concerned by labels or pigeon-holed by a ubiquitous sound. From its inception in 2011 as a musical showcase pitting incongruous bands together on one bill, Genrebeast has worked to rid the notion of music having to appeal to a specific scene to be fully appreciated. Evolving into a five-band-project led by Watkins, Genrebeast exists to unite the local music scene and expand tastes through musical eclecticism.

    Inciting people to approach the music from an experiential format, Watkin’s residency acts as a catalyst for shedding an antiquated idea of music consumption. By bringing the artistry to the forefront and moving the performance to a gallery atmosphere where absorbing art is already the construct, Genrebeast reclaims the emotive intent and organic element music has often lost by simply being background noise in a bar setting. Through this shift in focus, Genrebeast sets out to build a community, not just a scene, through collaborative performance.

    April 23- Exhibit finale for Russ White’s
    Macro Machines feat. Ghost Army + Mrs. + Black Widows

    June 11- Exhibit finale for Ramses Alarcon’s Ineffable and Gamut Gallery’s 4th Birthday Party feat. DEATHDANCE + RP HOOKS + Kajunga Records + Half Tramp

    July 30- Exhibit finale for Rodrigo Oñate, REPO, & Louis Fitch’s Folklore Remix exhibit feat. Patch + Mary Bue and The Holy Bones + Blood Cookie

    September 2 – Exhibit finale for Ilya Natarius’ Creative Combustion feat. Qaanaaq + Jaedyn James & The Hunger + Courtney Yasmineh 

    October 29- Exhibit finale for Kate Renee’s 7 Sins feat. ACTN +  K.Raydio  + Minnie / Bluntz + The Stress of Her Regard