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  1. Erin Sayer: The Tom Robbins Series Exhibit Finale

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    Minneapolis –Thursday, May 7th 2015, 7:00 p.m.exhibit finale for the solo exhibition Erin Sayer: The Tom Robbins Series. For the finale of The Tom Robbins Series, Gamut Gallery wanted to create an atmosphere that embodied the energy of Sayer’s paintings and Robbins’ pop-modern novels. So, we take you into the gallery’s basement studio – an underground space with a cult-following of its own – for an intimate, but lively screening of the Tom Robbins-inspired Gus Van Sant film, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

    A collaboration with cult aficionado and founder of the local alt-film group Trash Film Debauchery (TFD), Theresa Kay, this screening animates the fantastical adventures conceived by Robbins and cultivated by his eccentric characters. Sant’s film, much like Sayer’s visual work, Robbins’ literature and TFD’s cult-philosophy, invites the audience to embrace the bizarre idiosyncrasies of life and celebrate your inner weirdo.

    Tom Robbins’ books are set in a Terence McKenna drenched, feminist, post-70s Americana. New-wave social ideals, spirituality, immortality, creativity, and fantastical adventures populate his mystical, psychedelic tales. A central theme is energy, associating existence with the internal divine, alive in us all. Sayer seeks to capture the Tom Robbins essence. Large oil paintings with saturated colors that depict auras, animals, symbology, occurrences and characterizations encompass the 25 original works on display.

    Theresa Kay has been satisfying your trash film needs for over 11 years after forming Trash Film Debauchery on the U of MN campus in 2003. TFD is currently hosting regular B-movie and cult film screenings at the Trylon microcinema, Turf Club and Uptown Theater. When she’s not knee-deep in schlocky cinema, Theresa spends her time doing theatrical blood and guts effects, mind freaking, and urban beekeeping.

    Since its inception in 2003, Trash Film Debauchery has been regularly screening horror flicks, B-movies, cult faves and other cinematic oddities at Minneapolis’ esoteric theater the Trylon Microcinema, the Uptown Theatre and the Turf Club.

    Erin Sayer is an all-around creative. From running galleries to traveling the country painting murals, she is constantly engaged in artistic endeavors. Her latest projects include operating Cult Status Gallery, completing several local and national mural projects, painting theatre backdrops, and working on the Tom Robbins Series. Later this year, she is beginning a series of oil paintings based on the book ‘American Gods’ by author Neil Gaiman. She is a freelance curator, having curated over 100 art shows and events over the years. Sayer has owned three galleries since 1998, painted over 50 murals locally and around the US, and her paintings inhabit dozens of private and corporate collections. She is available on commission and is always up for a new travel adventure.