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  1. In Your Own Words – A solo exhibition by Suyao Tian

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    June 22nd – August 20th, 2022  // a solo exhibition by Suyao Tian, embracing the intimate relationship observed between her work and the unique experiences of her collectors.

    This July, Gamut Gallery is pleased to welcome nationally recognized artist, designer and independent curator residing in the Twin Cities, and adjunct faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Suyao Tian for her latest interactive solo exhibition, In Your Own Words.

    The intimate relationship Suyao has observed between her work and the unique experiences of her collectors is the inspiration behind the upcoming exhibit. Through the liberal use of water in her painting application, Suyao embraces the spontaneity of shapes as they organically unwind across her composition. “My inspiration comes from my childhood memories. I try to think like a child, without the constraints of space and time.” Her choice of vivid color strengthens this notion, illustrating whimsical scenes full of life and movement. In doing so, she encourages the viewer to embark on an exploration of their inner world, interpreting the path her paints take through the lens of their own childlike imaginations.

    During the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to share their favorite pieces from the collection online, along with a few comments about their individual interpretation of her art. “I don’t try to force viewers to understand my work, more importantly, I hope my work can inspire viewers’ curiosity and new understanding of themselves and the world.” Meanwhile, buyers will be offered the opportunity to name their piece upon purchase. In doing so, In Your Own Words sets out to weave together a narrative echoing Suyao’s recognition that we each autonomously navigate events, demonstrating how experiences colors our interpretation of the world around us.

    Thursday, July 21st // 7-9pm
    Meet & greet with Suyao Tian
    • Memberships required, become a member today!!
    • RSVP Required

    Friday, July 22nd // 6-9pm
    $10 day of event, $7 presale
    • Pre-sale tickets available
    • Entry will be available at the door

    About the Artists:
    Suyao Tian began her studies in Music Education at Qinghai Normal University and Xiamen University in China. Following graduation, she began teaching Music Education as Assistant Professor at Guangdong Tianhe Technical Normal College in Guangzho, China. She later came to the US in 2011 where she began her studies in art and design. She started with her BA in Fine Art at the University of Central Arkansas. Afterward, she completed her MFA in Design and Branding Identity from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in 2017. From her MFA studies, she developed and established her company Modern Cover™ where she designs and sells playful outerwear which has been sold across the US.


    While curating, painting, running Modern Cover™ and raising her son, she continues to be a strong and active member across organizations within the art and creative communities of the Twin Cities. She currently serves on the Executive Board of Art Buddies, and is passionately engaged with multiple galleries and organizations across state. Her works have also caught the eye of local and national companies, like Room & Board, with her designs being applied and sold across a range of product types.