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  1. Collector Panel Talk

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    Thursday, March 9th 2023 // Join the discussion to learn collector tips and gain insight into the local art market in the Twin Cities. Featuring curators Genie Castro, Erinn Farrell, Esther Callahan and Cass Garner.

    When you collect artwork, physical aspects of a piece, like dimensions and colors, might be the qualities that push us over the edge into “gotta have it” territory, but generally, the buying experience is much more personal, intuitive, and rooted in a story. Artwork is more than what you see on the wall, it’s a narrative, a story shared by artists, collectors, and viewers. 

    Set amidst Gamut’s exhibition “Astroturf,” we invite you to join us for a panel discussion about collecting original artwork. The panel will feature four local curators, gallerists, and space-makers Genie Castro, Erinn Farrell, Esther Callahan and Cass Garner, who will each draw on their varied expertise in art consultancy, marketing, and managing collections. Together, these four women represent four corners of the Twin Cities art world, who share similar values and vision around the power of supporting local artists. 

    Are you ready to start collecting? These tastemakers will share tips and strategies for emerging collectors, like, how to learn about the artist and understand the materials and process used to create the work, and will dive into the intrinsic impulses that lead us to collect original artwork and build meaningful collections over time. buying within your budget, and commissioning artwork. The panelist will discuss how to go about collecting, how to support local artists, why it’s important to collect local art rather than outsourcing to other markets, and what characteristics make the Twin Cities unique.

    Collectors Panel Talk
    Thursday, March 9th // 6-8pm
    This event is FREE, RSVP Required
    Limited Seating Capacity, 35

    What does it mean to be an “emerging art collector” in the Twin Cities? How do we support local artists, and why is it so important? Featuring curators Esther Callahan, Erinn Farrell, and Genie Castro and is moderated by Cass Garner


    Esther Callahan is an independent curator and co-artistic director at Arts + Rec Uptown. Callahan has been organizing exhibitions since the early 2000’s with a particular focus on artists from the region with a priority in diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in her curatorial practice. Callahan has curated and organized numerous exhibitions and installations including a recent exhibition for the 2022 FotoFocus Biennial in Ohio.  

    Erinn Farrell is a Co-Founder and Partner at The Coven and the principal of Erinn Farrell Design. A lover of people, process, and design, she specializes in encouraging empathetic and high-performing spaces by focusing on empowerment and placemaking; her efforts help colleagues and partners unlock their talents and create a joyful ruckus. A global leader in inclusive design, Erinn is a sought-after speaker and Interior Designer in building & curating spaces that acknowledge, honor, and care for their inhabitants.  She believes our success lies in showing up unapologetically curious, honest, and optimistic. 

    Genie Castro is a community leader in the arts. She creates unity with projects she is involved in by connecting with people. She encourages students and clients to get into the creative process and learn through that exploration. Castro is the director and owner of a printmaking studio in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis called SuperCharged Printmakers. It is there she and other printmakers create an inviting space for artists to create freely in the medium of printmaking and have showing opportunities. Her artworks hung alongside artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Frank Stella, Robert Longo, and Donald Sultan. Castro’s art is featured in the homes of many private collectors and in public and corporate collections.

    Cass Garner is Co-Owner and Director of Gamut Gallery, as well as a Graphic Designer, Collector, and Curator focused on curating local artists into Haus Salon locations throughout the Twin Cities. At Gamut Gallery, she brings local, national, and international established and emerging artists into the gallery, driving the mission that “art is for everyone.”