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  1. The Lost Art: Exhibit Finale

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    Thursday April 24th, 7-10PM – Join us at Gamut Gallery as we bid farewell to the “The Lost Art,” curated by Scott Seekins. Admission is FREE and open to the public.

    This collection of hand-drawings challenges expectations of the status quo by addressing controversial issues of our time: transsexuality, war, human health, the food industry, and environmentalism, among others.
    Thrash hip-hop duo G-Biz will debut music from their new EP “Tired of Being Poor” – to be released online the day of the event. http://g-biz.bandcamp.com/

    DJ Miscellaneous will open and close the evening with an eclectic mix of music to expand your mind and make your body move.

    Erin Sayer, Sara Syverhus, Amina Harper, Angela Sprunger, Aneesa Erinn Adams, Brookita Corazon, Justine Di Fiore, Bryce Davidson, Danielle Jambois Edstrom, Ed Johnson, Stefani McDade, Nate Stottrup, Ethan Heidlebaugh, Laura Bigger, Angel Hawari, Laurie Kigner, Nicholas Straight, Ron Brown, Jesse Quam, Scott Seekins

  2. Colors

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    No one system can reproduce all colors in the spectrum, and no one artist can create an entire aesthetic in one art piece. This show will feature art that crosses the continuum of possibilities; the collective will illustrate the Gamut. True to the spirit of the Gamut, this show displays dynamic content and style from a diverse group of local artists, creatively tied together through the use of color.

    Nathan Petterson
    Felix Culpa
    Samuel Bjorgum
    Shanna Allyn
    Tierney Houdek
    Kris Bradley
    Sara Syverhus
    Erica Boyles
    Scotty Gunderson
    Jack Mader
    Benji Mohr
    Forest Bash
    Dim Media
    Rachel Adams-Bliss
    John Vasiliou
    Roger Williamson
    Kris Heding
    Jacob Charles Eidem
    Ethan Heidlebaugh
    Kate Renee