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  1. Middle Class Aspirations Exhibit Finale with Carnage!

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    Join us this Thursday for your last chance to see the Middle Class Aspirations exhibit in person. But this isn’t just any ol’ exhibit finale – it’s our last in this space! We will open our doors beginning at 2pm for viewing, then at 6pm we will shift gears into celebration and kick off the finale party. Around 8pm we will pass the mic to some friends of Gamut to toast to the good times, then Carnage The Executioner will bring it home with his signature vocal stylings.


  2. Imaginarium

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    MINNEAPOLIS, November 11, 2012 –Renee and Early represent a burgeoning esthetic that is transitioning from books, media, and pop iconography into galleries. These artists remain true to the wonderment and jovial perspective drawn from childhood. They share bold use of color and line, trading texture and detail for contemporary design and eye-grabbing imagery.

    KATE RENEE /// Kate Renee has exhibited across the US and in Japan. She has received press, numerous awards and has been published locally. Renee earned a BA in Fine Arts, Art History, and a minor in design from the University of Minnesota in 2010. Renee has interned at various galleries, culminating in a position at Altered Esthetics. The characters Renee paints are familiar and friendly, yet bold and sassy. Their signature ‘Kate Renee’ eyes look back at the viewer, engaging conversation with a touch of humor. http://katerenee.com

    BRETT EARLY /// Brett Early has been commissioned for store fronts in Minneapolis, such as Heavenly Soles and Buffalo Exchange. He remains a regular exhibitor at local art crawls and cafes. Early received a BFA in Illustration from the College of Visual Arts in 2005. Much of his training in illustration was rigorously aimed toward commercial applications. Early came away from this experience with a highly-attuned understanding of color, line, purpose and concept, but also with a distinct urge to reclaim the joy of painting for the elusive reasons of the folk artist, outsider-artist, or child. Early’s commitment: “If you are not having fun when looking at my work, then I’m not doing my job”

    Watch the promotional video and then extended interview with
    Kate Renee & Brett Early:

  3. Colors

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    No one system can reproduce all colors in the spectrum, and no one artist can create an entire aesthetic in one art piece. This show will feature art that crosses the continuum of possibilities; the collective will illustrate the Gamut. True to the spirit of the Gamut, this show displays dynamic content and style from a diverse group of local artists, creatively tied together through the use of color.

    Nathan Petterson
    Felix Culpa
    Samuel Bjorgum
    Shanna Allyn
    Tierney Houdek
    Kris Bradley
    Sara Syverhus
    Erica Boyles
    Scotty Gunderson
    Jack Mader
    Benji Mohr
    Forest Bash
    Dim Media
    Rachel Adams-Bliss
    John Vasiliou
    Roger Williamson
    Kris Heding
    Jacob Charles Eidem
    Ethan Heidlebaugh
    Kate Renee

  4. Gold Press

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    ‘Gold Press’ performs this weekend at Gamut Gallery

    This Saturday and Sunday, choreographer Judith Howard — along with Krista Langberg, Kristin Van Loon, and Naomi Joy — will perform ” Gold Press,” a dance work responding to visual artist Ash Marlene Hane’s “Conditions” exhibition at Gamut Gallery. Accompanied by Chester Yourczek’s live score, the performers use gold foil, fabric, a glass box, and other items, taking inspiration from Hane’s feminist prints to create a piece about control, vulnerability, and disappearing.

  5. Conditions

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    MINNEAPOLIS Saturday, July 14 2012– Conditions explores ideas of vulnerability and control, expressed through portraits of the female body. Hane identifies her work as part of a new era of feminism that does not pit itself against masculinity, but rather openly explores a feminine perspective. In this exhibit, Hane confronts expected molds or versions of self, reinforcing concept with technique. She prepares her lithographs, screenprints and intaglios by beginning with a digital template, which she alters through hand-drawn elements and manual deletion of information. She then uses these matrices to print multiple-layer compositions.

    “The result is a series of iterations, similar to the way a thought or conversation plays in my mind over and over again; slightly different, yet slightly the same”.

    Ash Marlene Hane was born in Northern Minnesota. In 2008 she earned a double BA in Art History and Studio Art, with a focus in printmaking. Her time at the University of Minnesota was spent under the mentorship of Printmaking Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Jenny Schmid. Hane was a founding member of the U of M’s printmaking collective, Bohemian Press, and continues to be an active member of the local printmaking community.

    Two associated events will be held at Gamut Gallery during this exhibit:

    Reception for the opening of Conditions, Saturday, July 14, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
    In response to the exhibit, award-winning choreographer Judith Howard will collaborate with Hane and notable dancers Krista Langberg and Kristin Van Loon, performing Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 at 8:00 p.m.