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  1. Virtual Web XR Finale

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    Check out the VR Gallery Today! —> https://virtualrem5.com/DaAcLFq/prestigious-twin-rendezvous

    FEATURING: Alejandro Zhang, Amina Harper, Andrea Osterhout, Anna Brauch, Anna Johnson, Barret Lee, Brandon Movall, Canaan Mattson, Christopher E. Harrison, Claire Hickman, Colee Recke, Corrie Steckelberg, David Mueller, Destiny Davison, Eduardo Salgado, Erin Paradis, Jacqueline Nuzzo, Jamie Owens, Jessica Kitzman, Justice Jones, Kate Sciandra, Kehayr Myles-O’Shaé Brown-Ransaw, Kelsi Sharp, Leah Edelman-Brier, Leeya Jackson, Lora Hlavsa, Lynda Mullan, Margaret Lindahl, Martzia Thometz, Matthew J. Bindert, Merick Reed, Nicole Thomas, Philipo Dyauli, Reid Olson, Ron Brown, Russ White, S. Catrin Magnusson, Sherstin Schwartz, Sidney Coleman, Stephanie C Friest, Suyao Tian & Torey Erin.

    Welcome back to our virtual gallery space for the finale of this year’s Annual Call for Work Exhibition. The chosen 43 works will tell you stories and let everything else slip away for a moment, releasing judgement allowing the art to do the work in the revamp of our vr gallery space. Navigate your avatar as you float through ideas of projection, optimism, truth, and action. The virtual gallery creates a wild, saturated world that breathes life into us from behind your computer screen. These elements convey a hopeful and restorative life ahead, needed and perhaps appreciated now more than ever.

    At the finale you may meet the artists behind these stories, hang out with your friends, and make your way through this rich, fertile ground featuring jewel tones that actively pull everything together. Welcome the magnetic pieces as they imagination and occupy your whole mind. Finally, Make your way to our back courtyard that contains a few new twists & turns from local artist Brian Skalak. At the end of your visit, if you see a piece you love, you can support these artists & the gallery through the click of your mouse!

    C4W:2020 Finale Virtual Web XR:
    Friday, November 13th 2020
    Online Meet-up: 7-9pm // FREE
    Featuring this years Call for Works Artists and courtyard take-over by Brian Skalak

    • Late to the party, you’ll be able to wait in a virtual lobby until a spot opens up so don’t leave if we’re full.
    • Attend from your home, via laptop or VR headset from your web browser
    Click to Learn how to onboard & navigate the space

    “Lush Future developed around ideas of projection, optimism, truth, and action – creating a wild, saturated world that breathes life into us from every angle. Revealed in a body of work by 42 artists, these elements convey a hopeful and restorative life ahead. Biological elements invite inspiration of growth through texture, material, pattern, and figure. This rich, fertile ground features jewel tones pulling everything together, welcoming wet, magnetic pieces to pull at the imagination and occupy your whole mind.” – Katie Garrett