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    MINNEAPOLIS June 9, 2012 – Synergy is the third joint exhibit for Kingman and Yordanova. Their collaborative work process involves applying oil-based ink to a glass plate and quickly manipulating it to create an image. As soon the application is done, they press a sheet of paper on the glass plate to transfer or ‘print’ the image. After the ink dries, they add watercolors. The brilliance of the watercolor adjacent to the rich black ink provides contrast and vibrancy. The whole process allows for “happy mistakes” and unexpected surprises that create a spontaneous and expressive look.

    For the opening reception, Playatta provided an interactive component to Synergy. Using images from the artworks, Playatta installed a projection mapping station where guests could manipulate the movements and textures being projected onto geometric shapes (shown below). As part of the Northern Spark Festival – the grand opening of Gamut Gallery –  Synergy’s opening reception lived up to its name. With projections inside the gallery and out, live painting, sculpture, and soundscapes with Kingman and Yordanova’s energetic works on the gallery walls, the sum was certainly more than the parts.

    Brant Kingman /// International artist and staple in the Minneapolis creative community, Kingman lived in NYC for seven years booking shows in art venues such as PS1, now run by MOMA. He has transformed a 5,600 square foot studio in NE Minneapolis into a production facility, where he creates interactive installations, sculptures, and more. http://www.kingmanstudios.com

    Silvia Yordanova /// Born in Yambol, Bulgaria, Yordanova grew up in a family of artists. She has a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota, and her love for nature is reflected in her artwork. She strives to communicate positivity through the use of color with surreal and impressionist elements.