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  1. Collector Panel Talk

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    Thursday, March 9th 2023 // Join the discussion to learn collector tips and gain insight into the local art market in the Twin Cities. Featuring curators Genie Castro, Erinn Farrell, Esther Callahan and Cass Garner.

    When you collect artwork, physical aspects of a piece, like dimensions and colors, might be the qualities that push us over the edge into “gotta have it” territory, but generally, the buying experience is much more personal, intuitive, and rooted in a story. Artwork is more than what you see on the wall, it’s a narrative, a story shared by artists, collectors, and viewers. 

    Set amidst Gamut’s exhibition “Astroturf,” we invite you to join us for a panel discussion about collecting original artwork. The panel will feature four local curators, gallerists, and space-makers Genie Castro, Erinn Farrell, Esther Callahan and Cass Garner, who will each draw on their varied expertise in art consultancy, marketing, and managing collections. Together, these four women represent four corners of the Twin Cities art world, who share similar values and vision around the power of supporting local artists. 

    Are you ready to start collecting? These tastemakers will share tips and strategies for emerging collectors, like, how to learn about the artist and understand the materials and process used to create the work, and will dive into the intrinsic impulses that lead us to collect original artwork and build meaningful collections over time. buying within your budget, and commissioning artwork. The panelist will discuss how to go about collecting, how to support local artists, why it’s important to collect local art rather than outsourcing to other markets, and what characteristics make the Twin Cities unique.

    Collectors Panel Talk
    Thursday, March 9th // 6-8pm
    This event is FREE, RSVP Required
    Limited Seating Capacity, 35

    What does it mean to be an “emerging art collector” in the Twin Cities? How do we support local artists, and why is it so important? Featuring curators Esther Callahan, Erinn Farrell, and Genie Castro and is moderated by Cass Garner


    Esther Callahan is an independent curator and co-artistic director at Arts + Rec Uptown. Callahan has been organizing exhibitions since the early 2000’s with a particular focus on artists from the region with a priority in diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in her curatorial practice. Callahan has curated and organized numerous exhibitions and installations including a recent exhibition for the 2022 FotoFocus Biennial in Ohio.  

    Erinn Farrell is a Co-Founder and Partner at The Coven and the principal of Erinn Farrell Design. A lover of people, process, and design, she specializes in encouraging empathetic and high-performing spaces by focusing on empowerment and placemaking; her efforts help colleagues and partners unlock their talents and create a joyful ruckus. A global leader in inclusive design, Erinn is a sought-after speaker and Interior Designer in building & curating spaces that acknowledge, honor, and care for their inhabitants.  She believes our success lies in showing up unapologetically curious, honest, and optimistic. 

    Genie Castro is a community leader in the arts. She creates unity with projects she is involved in by connecting with people. She encourages students and clients to get into the creative process and learn through that exploration. Castro is the director and owner of a printmaking studio in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis called SuperCharged Printmakers. It is there she and other printmakers create an inviting space for artists to create freely in the medium of printmaking and have showing opportunities. Her artworks hung alongside artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Frank Stella, Robert Longo, and Donald Sultan. Castro’s art is featured in the homes of many private collectors and in public and corporate collections.

    Cass Garner is Co-Owner and Director of Gamut Gallery, as well as a Graphic Designer, Collector, and Curator focused on curating local artists into Haus Salon locations throughout the Twin Cities. At Gamut Gallery, she brings local, national, and international established and emerging artists into the gallery, driving the mission that “art is for everyone.”

  2. Astroturf

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    ​​FEATURED ARTISTS: Genie Castro, Human Shaped Animal, Neal Breton, Nicole Mueller, in partnership with Blu Dot. Envisioned by Siobhan Mulloy and curated by Cass Garner.

    Installed in place of grass from as early as the 1950s, AstroTurfforgoes naturally growing grass for the carefree ease of owning an evergreen front lawn. In mid-century America, the synthetic material was marketed to homeowners as a means of signaling status to their neighbors through perfectly manicured landscaping year-round. Mirroring our current consumer culture of filtered images and branded content, Gamut Gallery’s first show of 2023, AstroTurf, plays with the idea of appearances vs. authenticity through the iconic influence of SoCal architecture, pop art, and post-painterly abstraction. Astroturf peers over the neighbor’s hedge to sneak a peek at how the Joneses really live. 

    Gamut’s multimedia exhibit, in collaboration with Blu Dot , features local MN artists, Genie Castro and Nicole Mueller, along with returning SoCal artists, Human Shaped Animal and Neal Breton. Embracing bold and vivid colors, hard-edge lines, and geometry, this selection of work celebrates the resurgence and influence of the mid-century movement and pop-culture Southern California suburbia. 

    Genie Castro’s renditions offer a nod to the midcentury design through her vibrant mono-prints and nine accompanying pieces from her 2022 collection, Lily. While Human Shape Animal incorporates tropical foliage with post-painterly abstraction to produce sculptural, yet functional, wall fixtures that incorporate living plants. Nicole Mueller’s potent images from her annual pilgrimages to Palm Springs highlight mid-century modernist architecture, with the quiet stillness of manicured lawns and majestic palms. Also lending a nod to the leisurely lifestyle, Neal Breton’s works from his Strange Paradise Collection reveal inviting pool scenes we all long for during these cold winter months. Blu Dot’s selection of locally designed furniture elevates the modern aesthetic, immersing the viewer in the movement’s all-encompassing influence on art, design and culture. 

    Thursday, February 16th// 5-8pm
    Don’t miss the first dibs on your favorite pieces!
    Not a Gamut Gallery member? Become one today.
    • Must be a Gamut Gallery Member to attend

    Friday, February 17th // 6-9pm
    $10 day of the event / $7 pre-sale / FREE for Members
    Featuring Genie Castro, Human Shaped Animal, Neal Breton, Nicole Mueller & showroom pieces from Blu Dot.

    Please note: Gamut Gallery is closed on exhibit opening days
    FREE open hours: Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm; Saturday 11am – 4pm


    Genie Castro is a community leader in the arts. She creates unity with projects she is involved in by connecting with people. She encourages students and clients to get into the creation process and learn through that exploration. Castro is director and owner of a printmaking studio in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis called SuperCharged Printmakers. It is there she and other printmakers create an inviting space for artists to create freely in the medium of printmaking and have showing opportunities. Her artworks hung alongside artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Frank Stella, Robert Longo and Donald Sultan. Castro’s art is featured in the homes of many private collectors and in public and corporate collections.

    Human Shaped Animal a.k.a Rachel Barnes currently resides in Santa Cruz, California. After receiving a B.A. in Painting and Digital Design from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, she relocated to Upstate New York for some soul searching. Completely enamored by the ever-changing landscapes and energy that came from West Coast, she soon relocated to Santa Cruz, California in 2016. Expanding in multiple directions from her experience as a painter and muralist, Human Shaped Animal creates a striking bouquet of multimedium pieces. By cross-pollinating her original designs with digital fabrication and live plants she has reaped a mind-bending garden of complex form and moving stillness.    

    Neal Breton, orginally from New Hampshire, has been a professional artist for over twenty five years. He studied painting at Pasadena City College in the 90s, and has curated and shown his own work all over the United States. After living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he now resides on the Central Coast in the quirky beach community of Los Osos.

    Nicole Mueller is a Minneapolis photographer, printmaker, and real estate agent with a penchant for modernist design and architecture.  Her most recent body of work was inspired on holiday in Palm Springs, California.  Nicole’s photographs are color-saturated, timeless portraits of the homes that line the streets of Palm Springs’ iconic neighborhoods. Shot at eye level from the road, they seem almost like a view from a window of a neighboring home.

  3. Healthy Happy Hour

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    Please join us as your host, Genie shares how Arbonne, Pure, Safe, Beneficial Nutrition can positively impact lives. Vegan. Global. Best of Science and Nature. Kosher.

    What is Arbonne? It is a 39 year old Health and Wellness company based on European Standards, setting the highest guide lines for creating Pure, Safe, Beneficial line of products that produce results when we put the on our skin and use them nutritionally. We are healthy from the inside out. We are changing lives through our means of distribution and compensation. The Founder Petter Mørck believed that if he could provide a means for individuals to become millionaires they can change the world.

    Thursday May 30th 
    6-8pm // FREE
    w/ Genie Castro and Arbonne

  4. Sq2 [Squared] :100 New works each 10″x10″

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Alex Poepping, Alexandra Motz, Amelia LeBarron, Ana Taylor, Andres Guzman, Barret Lee, Brett Early, Biafra, Blaster, Booka B, Boxy Mouse, Brian Matthew Hart, Bunny Portia, Cassie Garner, Chris Larson, Christopher Sorenson, Dalsen, Dana Schmakel, Derek Meier, Donny Gettinger, Erica Parrott, Genie Castro, Impeach, I.V. Hills, Jade Patrick, Jamie Owens, Jaye McGilvrey, Jane Wunrow, Jesse Aylsworth, Kyle Quinn, Lindsee Bee, Lizardman, Miles Taylor, Natalia Berglund, Nate Vincent Szklarski, Neal Breton, Nicholas Harper, Nicholas Knutson, Medusa, Paige Guggemos, Phaedra Odelle, Repo, Ry Johnson, Ryan Hughes, Shye, stace of spades, Tierney Houdek, Therd, Wundr and Yuya Negishi

    For her first solo curation, Gamut Gallery co-owner Cassie Garner hand-selected a roster of national and local artists whose artwork highlights the bold energy and aesthetics of her personal taste. Using a 10” x 10” dimension constraint, each artist was asked to produce two pieces which speak to the collectable nature of tiny art and showcased their unique skill and artistic voice. Running the gamut of art styles, Sq2 features illustration, street art, graphic design, collage, abstract, photography, glitch, and mixed media. Unobtrusive yet not to be overlooked, compact art is the digestible alternative to its counterpart. Perfect for the apartment dweller or first time art buyer, tiny art begs to be collected, pairs well with others and carries a non-committal feel.

    Uniting Gamut’s past with present, this exhibit welcomes back a handful of artists in Gamut’s repertoire, including Yuya Negishi, Bunny Portia, Paige Guggemos, Erin Sayer and members of the Rogue Citizen artist collective. A co-curator of last year’s Guerrilla Girls-inspired feminist exhibition, Second Sex, Genie Castro’s work explores the challenges of life as an artist, wife, mother and woman through the use of bold monotypes, masterful strokes, layers of vibrant color and subtle detail which brim with kinetic energy. Formerly a Minneapolite, currently NY-based, Kyle Quinn first showed at Gamut during the group exhibition medley, C4W. With nods to photographer icons Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethrope and a splash of 70’s gay erotica, Quinn’s work explores the subversive and intensely personal.

    Sq2 also features a few culturally known Gamut newcomers, including Booka B, Erica Parrot, Shön Troth, I.V. Hills, and Nicholas Harper, owner of Rogue Buddha Gallery. Best known for his portraits of women with elongated necks, Harper’s work examines magical realism and is heavily influenced by Russian and Orthodox Iconography, as well as literature and philosophy. Based in Las Vegas, street artist and zine writer, Shye creates anime-inspired illustrations and paintings. Whether using floral pastels, stark monochromatics, or captivating hues, her linework is sharp, leaning towards geometric shapes, patterns and mandala designs. Mash-ups both in concept and method, newcomer, Chris Larson’s illustrative works use digital, printmaking and bookbinding techniques to create queer meditations on beauty, identity, the environment and the esoteric.

    Saturday, August 26th 7-11pm // $5 or FREE with membership
    Featuring MODWELL & PFunkus

    Friday, September 8th 7-11pm // $10 or FREE with membership
    Featuring a live DJ set from BOOKA B + a variety of
    performances that will take place in a 10’ x 10’ square

    Thursday, Friday & Saturdays 1-7pm
    Or by appointment

  5. The Second Sex

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    The Second Sex is a group exhibition curated by Genie Castro, Juleana Enright and Jade Patrick which explores the imbalance imposed by the secondary designation that patriarchy places on women. Through paintings, photography, printmaking, video, performance and more, artists will examine the injustices brought on by patriarchy and visualize how to manifest balance in society.

    Judy Chicago, Shanna Allyn, Jennifer Bong, Genie Castro, Perci Chester, Sue Cranston, Caila Darling, Justine Di Fiore, Juleana Enright, Nadia Honary, Nicole Houff, Allison Johnson, Kate Renee, Amy Sands, Heidi Sime, Carla Alexandra Rodriguez

    Saturday, March 5th // 3-7pm
    Featuring a live set from Diva93, the bitchy, lusty, rusty vocal+synth+bad beats project of Jess Buns.

    Tuesday, March 1st – Saturday, March 5th // 3-7pm

    Regular open hours resume through March 19th:
    Thursdays & Fridays 3-7pm, and Saturdays 1-7pm, or by appointment

    The Guerrilla Girls—infamous for exposing sexism, racism and corruption in the art world—are taking over the Twin Cities. From January to March 2016, the Takeover will include over twenty arts and cultural organizations in Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding cities. Watch public art by and inspired by the Guerrilla Girls pop up across the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and beyond, and get wild with these masked avengers at community events. From small non-profit art centers to major cultural institutions in the region, these partners will be highlighting gender and race inequalities, taking on stereotypes and hypocrisies, and promoting artistic expression by the often overlooked and underrepresented. Raise your voice (and a furry fist) for equality! More info at: http://www.ggtakeover.com/