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  1. Fluidity: A solo exhibition by Yuya Negishi

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    Born in ­a small farming community in the mountains beyond Tokyo, Minneapolis-based artist Yuya Negishi’s artwork is a cultural amalgamation. Combining classical Japanese techniques of calligraphy and SUMI with Japanese pop culture images, his creations display tactile street art techniques while adhering to a whimsical philosophy of art and life. Through their lively movement and vivid hues, Negishi’s paintings embrace a capricious energy fueled by fluidity. Using recurring images, like koi fish who embody that fluidity, Negishi captures the ebb and flow of the natural world around him, letting the extant sensations of the present and the past merge. His paintings allow for a vibrant visual experience of an emotional connection to the animal kingdom, the spiritual realm and to landscape. Blending traditional Japanese roots with his free-spirited “go with flow” ethos, Negishi’s work explores the playfulness of art and examines his own fluid spirit through vibrant outbursts.

    Yuya Negishi is hot on the heels of assisting to create one of the most buzzed about murals of recent years – the towering kaleidoscopic portrait of Bob Dylan in downtown Minneapolis. His wide range of community-driven projects – live paintings and murals work, including a recent interactive mural at the Walker Art Center – are testaments to his exceptional eye for detail in motion and experience working with these au courant art mediums. His solo show at Gamut Gallery will harness his own desire for fluidity as well as highlight the gallery’s own affinity to adapt. This winter, Negishi will be journeying home to Japan for on a interdermintent hiatus, marking this exhibit as the last chance to view his works in a gallery setting in Minneapolis during 2015.

    The opening reception for Fluidity is the inaugural exhibition in Gamut Gallery’s new home in Elliot Park and doubles as the official grand opening. Festivities will include an impermanent outdoor mandala installation by Krista Beier and music by DJ CZU and DJ Seth, plus sake and refreshments sponsored by Fujiya, Origami and Pabst Blue Ribbon.


    Yuya Negishi is a Japanese visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born in Showa Village, Gunma. Yuya draws artistic inspiration from the memories and sensations of growing up in the Japanese countryside, where he would roam “like a hidden Ninja” exploring the woods, temples and mountain tops of the breath-taking Gunma region. Since relocating to Minneapolis in 2010, Yuya has been a prolific member of the city’s artistic community, involving himself in a wide range of projects. He teaches Japanese artistic styles to students in grade school through college and participates in public art projects, murals, frequently exhibits work, and has a wide portfolio of commissioned work. He also does illustrations and often performs at live paintings events. His work combines his extensive background in the classical Japanese techniques of calligraphy and SUMI with Japanese pop culture images such as koi, dragons and Buddhas, and street-art techniques influenced by his years in urban America. www.yuyart.com


    Yuya Negishi: Fluidity, Grand Opening of the New Gamut Gallery
    Saturday, November 14th, 7-11pm

    Fluidity Open Hours
    Thursday, November 19th, 3-7pm
    Friday, November 20th, 3-7pm
    Saturday, November 21st, 1-7 pm

    CoLab Art Night
    Thursday, November 19th, 7-11pm

  2. Grand Opening // Northern Spark

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    Minneapolis, MN – May 9, 2012  –  Gamut Gallery announces its grand opening with a multimedia indoor/outdoor exhibit – “ARTifacts in the Gallery, Live CoLab in the Alley” – as part of the Northern Spark Festival June 9, 2012. The debut exhibit features new works by Brant Kingman and Silvia Yordanova, sculpture by Hannah Howard, projection mapping by Jim Weiss, motion graphics by Brad Nesseth, interactive Playatta, and live painting by James Khani, Schuyler Huber, Wade Timmreck, Matt Task Rock, and Peyton. Experimental electronic music will be curated by the Slam Academy.

    Gamut Gallery was founded by a group of people who met on the dance floor and formed a weekly art night in 2010 called Co Lab. Two years later, Gamut Gallery was conceived. More than a place to view art, it’s a place that emphasizes art as an interactive experience. The gallery will show diverse collections that run the gamut of mediums from artists that are local or visiting, well-known or up-and-coming, classic or subversive.


    Silvia Yordanova “Arrangement II” | watercolor on paper | 11” x 15” | 2012


    Matthew Task painting at an event earlier this year. Task was at the opening with aerosol in hand.