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  1. Other Objects Finale

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    Daniel Volovets will be bringing a local flare back into Gamut Gallery for the finale of our latest exhibition “Other Objects”. This nationwide exhibit showcases five ceramic artists exploring the creation of immaterial objects with the visceral material of clay. Volovet’s adventurous nature felt ideal to pair with this exhibit’s finale. His mastery of many musical genres and aesthetics is evident in the breadth of his extensive repertoire, which spans numerous countries and eras.

    Sculptors Andrea Marquis and Amanda Salov teamed up with Gamut Gallery in conjunction with NCECA to present Other Objects, an exhibition of five established Ceramic Artist exploring the creation of immaterial objects with the visceral material of clay. Not to be confused with ephemeral things, Other Objects are non-material things that include holes, voids, tunnels, cavities, knots, and shadows. These parasitical objects depend on material but are themselves immaterial. Through their work, these five artists explore these other objects and how their dependence on their clay hosts.

    Thursday, April 18th Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm.
    $10 // FREE for Members
    Featuring Daniel Volovets: A classical, flamenco, Brazilian, and jazz guitarist

    is a guitarist, composer, arranger, and instructor specializing in classical, flamenco, Latin American, and jazz music. Although born in the United States, his music is informed first and foremost by his Russian heritage. He was raised in a household of almost constantly reverberating musical notes — passionate and melancholy melodies of Russian and Ukrainian folklore, gently swaying Brazilian rhythms intermingled with the nearly-untranslatable sentiment of saudade, fiery strumming of flamenco masters, soulful and oft mournful fado, and wistful yet playful chansons of French bards, just to name a few. He is an accomplished arranger and composer, utilizing the harmonic and tonal possibilities of the guitar in his arrangements and compositions for both solo guitar and various ensembles.

    Daniel is a prolific performer, giving concerts regularly throughout the Twin Cities at a wide range of venues and with the sponsorship of various organizations, including the Cedar Cultural Center, the Landmark Center, the Museum of Russian Art, the Saint Paul Public Library, the Dakota Jazz Club, the Minnesota Guitar Society, Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre, and Casa de España, to name a few.

    Daniel also maintains an active teaching practice, working with students of all ages and skill levels. Daniel has recorded seven albums – Watercolors of the World(2008), Silhouette (2009), Rite of Passage (2011), Rainy Highway (2014), Wistful Tendrils (2015), Echoes of Love (2016), and Masquerade (2019). Daniel graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.S. in Neuroscience and currently attends the University of Minnesota Medical School. He aspires to balance careers in medicine and music, inspired by the jazz pianist/psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin and composer/otolaryngologist Krzysztof Komeda