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    In 2020, Gamut & The Coven partnered up at the St. Paul location. We are very excited to announce that we will be extending this partnership in to 2021. We would like to introduce emerging artist, Lora Hlavsa, as our first showcased artist this year!

    Lora Hlavsa is a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator living and working in Minneapolis, MN. An artist, illustrator, and designer by trade, her work is informed by intersectionality and inspired by femininity in its various forms. Lora was born in 1991 and that is visible through her pieces vibrant colors, mixed patterns, and maximalist compositions inspired by her own experience as a Millennial woman. Being raised by a Filipina mother and an American father in Minnesota and California, identity has been a core focus of Lora’s work and her pieces aim to convey a multidimensional world that reflects the many layers of the daily human experience.

    All works featured are for sale and created by Lora Hlavsa. Works purchased before June 4th 2021, will be available for pick-up, delivery or shipping on June 8th, 2021. Works sold after this date will remain on view in The Coven until September, 7th 2021 and will be available for pick-up, delivery or shipping on September, 10th 2021. Gamut will contact purchaser to discuss shipping & handling.

    Visit The Coven to learn more about the collective workspace!

    Shop Lora’s pieces featured at The Coven!

    The Coven opened their doors to 150 Founding Members on March 8, 2018- International Women’s Day. These original 150 bound together in the belief that an intersectional space with humans from every industry, age and socioeconomic background could exist in the Twin Cities. Their early support has now grown to 400+ members from many industries. Their 5-for-1 Community Funded Membership model has allowed them to welcome nearly 140 people from underserved communities at no cost, ensuring socioeconomics is never a barrier for access.

    In addition to being a creative, comfortable, and safe workspace for women, non-binary and trans folks, The Coven has hosted more than 300 curated events with a focus on developing each member’s whole self through economic empowerment, education, connection, and wellness.

    “We call our business “The Coven” because it has power and energy. We believe when women, non-binary and trans folks gather together, they create magic.” -The Founders of The Coven