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  1. The trunk show: One night only pop-up!

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    For the finale of Black Magik Woman IV, Gamut Gallery Director Cassie Garner has invited three artists who have worked with team leads behind the scenes to make Black Magik Woman happen and newcomer Jade Huynh. Tierney Houdek aka Thraxis Threads is the seamstress behind Jade Patrick’s “Breaking Glass” series. Tamiko’s French work is visible through Vie Boheme’s spiritually-infused photography collection. Rachel Andrzejewski’s creations can be seen in Gamut’s gift shop as well as the floral crown photographed in the “Breaking Glass” series. Finally, Huynh will be doing a co-lab with Thraxis Threads and creating original floral installation pieces in correlation with the current exhibition.

    TIERNEY HOUDEK – Thraxis Threads
    A Minneapolis-based fashion designer with nearly two decades of experience. She began sewing at age 10 and by the time she was in high school was selling her original garments at local boutiques. In 2012 she worked at Sassy Knitwear, where sustainable fabrics are dyed in-house and garments are designed, cut, sewn, and sold entirely out of her South Minneapolis studio. Tierney was already incorporating recycled materials into her own designs and this experience furthered her drive to create ethically made clothing. That mindset is now the cornerstone to her own clothing company – Thraxis. She has done professional costuming for stage performers including Tickle Torture, live theater, and editorial photoshoots. The launch of Thraxis is a dream come true for Tierney.

    JADE HUYHN – Origami by Jade
    Practicing Origami professionally was not something that was anticipated for my future. I originally had went to Culinary School, and cooked as a pastry chef for seven years. There is a great passion for being able to create delicate items during intense work conditions, and I thought that was what I would do forever. I then decided to continue a hobby I had always practiced as a child, Origami. The last two years of my pastry career was when I realized I had a greater love for the art of paper folding. I am grateful for all the support during this journey to become the best artist I can be.

    A multi-media installation artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Illustration, hand lettering, printmaking, living plant and cut green installations are some of her many practices that come together to create her artwork. Air plants, succulents, and cut floral greens are among her favorite materials to work with as of late, as she explores the concept of necessity of care for the artwork. Previous installations have been built around community and viewer interaction and collaboration. Rachel completed her B.A. in studio art at Bethel University, and worked as Gallery Manager for the last three years at Golden Rule Collective in Excelsior, MN. In 2018 she launched a new home organization and installation company “Resolutionary,” and is currently Shop Manager at the Aldrich Tattoo Parlour.

    TAMIKO FRENCH – SoulSpeak Expressions
    As a Dancer/Choreographer born and raised in Minneapolis, she always been attracted to new avenues of expression. Seven years ago when she searched for the perfect pair of earrings and could not satisfy her craving for fresh new design, she stepped into her new avenue of expression and it became a weekly escape from her stressful life of duality. As a childhood collector of minerals and crystals, her love for earth sciences brought her to merge them into her work and embrace wire wrapping. Creating work that speaks through vibration and resonates with the physical and spiritual bodies has become the center of her work. Tamiko’s current collection incorporates a level of mystique and fantasy inside of jewelry, crowns, accessories, wands, and walking sticks. She created SoulSpeak Expressions to be the unique voice of your soul.

    THURSDAY JUNE 21, 6-10PM
    $5 or FREE for Members
    DJ set by BAARDmusic

    Magik Woman IV will feature collaborative works from 12 creative teams, all new to the project, that tackle social issues that individuals deal with today – personally, socially and/or globally. Each team includes a creative lead, a muse, and a visual artist, though the distinctions can blur to include others, collaboratively drawing inspiration to create a conceptual vision.

    Diversity is very important to this project and continues to help evolve what this project looks like. Black Magik Woman hopes to continue to push feminism in a positive way and help develop new standards for women, women-identified, femme and non-binary individuals; changing how we exist and are perceived in this world. In the reality of a new president who has proven to have crude and out-of-date views on what being a woman looks like today, it is very important that Black Magik Woman get its message out. This year’s event could prove to be a very emotional and life-changing event for many of us. Alone we are a force; together we are THE force to be reckoned with. Our community is strong and thriving and full of talented and amazing straight, queer, femme, non-binary and feminist individuals.

    Pro Women doesn’t mean Anti Men. All are welcome here.