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  1. Raging Art On

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Alex Guy, Anton Horishnyk, Athena Jones, Alex Pederson, Barret Lee, Ben Wuest, Boxy Mouse, Black Daze, Cassie Garner, Cory Favre, Derek Meier, Eli Libson, Emily Forbes, Emily Quandahl, Evan Weselmann, Heather Renaux, Jacob Eidem, Jake Michael Zirbes, James Kloiber, Jamie Owens, Jeff Nichols, Kathryn Flora, Lauryn Buda, Lydia Francis Design, Sweeney Brown, Mike Ewaldt, Moustache Jim, Mr. Minded, Nelson Cain Art, Neal Breton, Nina Riedy, Phaedra Odelle, PinkRiches, Polly Norman, Pseudo Manitou, Rachel Schroder, Reid Olson, Renee Chartier, Rose Weselmann, Ron Brown, Russ White, Scott Seekins, Sherstin Schwartz, Tierney Houdek, Vanessa Weseman, Vavavoom Studios, & Yuya Negishi.

    Let our artists be your elves! Click to watch video

    The event that kicked off Gamut’s inception is back for the 8th year in a row! Bigger & better than previous years, Raging Art On (RAO) holiday shop will be open for 3 weeks, featuring over 20 new artists, and will include a guaranteed party with extended hours. In addition to extended hours, each Saturday evening will spotlight different musical genres, including House, Hip-Hop and Funk. Local DJ’s, 88project & Nancy Cheng, Sammy Figz & Keith Millions, and Bobby Kahn & Dj Dandy will keep you movin’ and groovin’ while exploring the gallery for gifts from over 40 artists. 

    An “uncurated” holiday makers market in a gallery setting, Raging Art On provides a unique, consumer-conscious experience that allows any adventurous shopper to find the perfect gift for anyone on their shopping list! With the exception of selecting the participants, Gamut leaves the rest up to the local artists to decide the amount of work they show and where to show it. What results is a gallery packed from floor to ceiling with paintings, photos, prints, collectibles, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more.  

    Raging Art On reflects Gamut Gallery’s ethos of community, collaboration, the art of the happening and eco-consciousness. Gifts for sale at this cash-n-carry event are handmade locally and are in harmony with the values of those concerned by mainstream holiday effects on our environment and our world — landfills, factory and shipping-caused pollution, issues of outsourcing and fair trade, consumer culture, etc. Raging Art On offers a place to join like-minded people together through art, music, and conversation.

    Wednesday, December 4th // 6-9pm
    Featuring James Patrick

    $15 Pre-sale, $20 Door • FREE w/ membership
    Pre-sales & Memberships available

    FREE OPEN HOURS & DJ’s EVERY Saturday!
    Thursday 5th – Friday 6th // 11-6pm
    Saturday December 7th // 11-10pm  
    • 88project & Nancy Cheng – 6pm – 10pm

    Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th  // 11-6pm
    Saturday December 14th // 11-10pm
    • Sammy Figz & Keith Millions – 6pm – 10pm

    Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th // 11-6pm
    Saturday December 21st // 11-10pm
    • Bobby Kahn & Dj Dandy – 6pm – 10pm

  2. Valure Finale: Featuring Ghostbridge Theatre

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    Jeff Nichols’ original play, Mannequin’s Daughter told the tale of Iris, a character who – from viewer perspective – struggles with an eating disorder, but claims what she truly devours is the inorganic items of our modern consumerist culture. Appealing to Aphrodite for help, she spirals into the surreal depths of her own mind. Encountering opposition from the figures of her life obstructing her journey to health, each adjunct character distorts and challenges her version of reality. Ghostbridge Theatre highlights concepts of blind consumption, addiction and body image through a dark and thought-provoking dramedy about self-identity. Juxtaposing the concepts of rampant materialism in our modern age, Mannequin’s Daughter examined how sexuality is used as a marketing tool to sell products to consumers at the expense of contributing to the misrepresentation of the “ideal” body type.

    The perfect companion to close out our inaugural exhibition of the year Valure – an all women show – Mannequin’s Daughter dived into consuming vs. consumerism, and the very thin line tread between the two in a society which places a taboo on aging and a fascination with youth. Both performance and exhibit set out to deconstruct the confines of the idealized “feminine” and explored what it means to value the self despite the various ways society, culture, upbringing and our own subconscious bias shape and often distort identity.

    Director: Jeff Nichols
    Choreographer: Tera Kilbride
    Performers: Karen Massey, Jeff Nichols, Tera Kilbride, Angela Olson and Maggie Danger
    Costumer: Michael Hearn

    Ghostbridge Theatre is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to the performance of original work. Challenging audiences to transcend societal, personal, and spiritual boundaries, we aim to illuminate connections and obscure certainties. Creating landscapes of imagination, our work utilizes ambiguity to empower audiences to make their own personal decisions – sparking debate and revealing the validity of multiple perspectives.

  3. Stork and Raven // #FolkloreRemix Performances Presented by Ghostbridge Theatre

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    #FolkloreRemix-Inspired Performances Thursday, July 28th, 2016
    Doors at 8pm, Performances at 8:30pm / $10 admission
    Music pre & post-performance by James Patrick

    Step inside the magical world of The Unwinged Flock, as this refugee tribe of birds presents a fresh mix of performances styles, from opera and improvised music to modern dance and performance art. Riffing on the numerous folklore stories told about winged creatures, these actors and musicians will cross cultures to weave together a new story of bird vs. man.

    Hailing from the “Great Nest” where all the legendary folklore birds once resided – the stork who brings the baby; the very first cardinal, who flew through the red of the rainbow; the crow, who was manipulated by the sly fox for his wedge of cheese – these and all the famous birds resided in the Great Nest until they were shot down by humans from the sky. No longer able to fly, The Unwinged Flock are now on journey to find a new home to tell their stories.

    Inspired by Gamut’s on-going exhibit featuring cross-cultural original artwork by Rodrigo Oñate, Luis Fitch and Repo, Ghostbridge Theatre’s enchanting storytelling will challenge viewers to reexamine perspective and invites modern-day interpretation into folklore. James Patrick will open and close the evening with a world beat DJ set.

    PERFORMERS: Tera Kilbride, Nico Swenson, Sonja Johanson, Jeff Nichols, Karen Massey, Vanessa Christian, Sheila Regan, Emily Dantuma (cello), Aaron Neumann (flute and banjo), with costumes by Michael Hearn.

  4. Revolution Now: Exhibit Finale

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    Join us for an evening of performances curated by April Sellers that explore feminism, equality and freedom at the exhibit finale of “Revolution Now: Portraits of Contemporary Female Revolutionaries.”

    FEATURING: Magnolia Yang-Sao-Yia, Missa Kes, Molly-Margaret Johnson, Sydney Burch, Jeff Nichols, Halie Ann Bahr, Sonja Johanson, Billy Mullaney, Noah Crandell, McKinnley Aitchison, Evan Murnane

    Gamut Gallery extended an open call to the Twin Cities’ dance, theater and performing arts communities to submit 5-10 min works inspired by Revolution Now that explore feminism, women’s issues, equality and freedom. From the pool of submissions, curator April Sellers balanced range of voice with potency of performance, and notes: “In making selections I gave strong consideration to the visual art – the print making work that is in the gallery – and chose works that I felt could directly relate to the exhibit either in form, style, or color.” The resulting collection of works by Molly-Margaret Johnson, Sydney Burch, Jeff Nichols, Halie Ann Bahr, Missa Kes, and Magnolia Yang-Sao-Yia will be staggered throughout the evening.

    **Admission is FREE, but the hat will be passed with all money raise going to the performers.

    The Revolution Now exhibition, curated by Ash Marlene Hane and Angela Sprunger, acknowledges women who are creating change, locally or globally, known to many or known to a few. Their revolutions may be large and loud or slow and quiet, but their fight is now. Fourteen artists, including Hane & Sprunger, created new limited edition fine art prints for this show. Working in a variety of print media – including monoprint, relief and silkscreen – the collection introduces viewers to women from all over the world and in doing so encourages new dialogue and understanding.

    April Sellers is a curator, choreographer, performer and educator who has nurtured underrepresented voices in performance. Rooted in a feminist perspective, Sellers’s curatorial work has a platform for choreographers and artists who exist outside the mainstream, particularly interested in issues of gender. Her first venture into curating began as a protest, when she presented OUT in the Cold: a 32nd Annual Choreographers Evening in response to the Walker Arts Center’s cancelling of Choreographers Evening. That sense of the subversive was followed up in 2006 with In The Buff –A Naked Choreographers Evening at The Bryant Lake Bowl, a performance that included 10 local choreographers all using nudity in their work to address the anti-nudity bias of local presenters and curators. She’s gone on to work as a curator at Links Hall in Chicago, where she created a three-year grassroots touring network focusing on queer performance and she curated an evening of work for Intermedia Arts’ Catalyst Series, featuring her own work as well as other women choreographers. This summer, she continues the tradition of her mentor, the late John Munger, curating and producing The Rabbit Show, an annual preview of dance performances in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.