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  1. C4W:2022 – Pinky Promise

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    C4W:2022 Pinky Promise Features – Analeise Jarvi-Beamer, Ash Hagerstrand, Ashley Ray, Brian Nagel, Christopher Alday, Christopheraaron Deanes, Constance Klippen, Daniel Allyn Lee, Derek Meier, Desirée Forgét, Emily Quandahl, Erin Peña, Gary Stewart, Jake Zirbes, Jeremy Jones, Jesse Quam, Jordan Shepherd, Luis David Moran, Mara Glover, Merick Reed, Nick Knutson, Odam Art, Richard Wehrs, Tara Robinson, Tina Ford, Tony Kukich, Xiao Faria daCunha 

    Curated by: Jamie Owens

    Gamut Gallery’s annual Call-4-Work exhibition is a chance for artists to push against preconceived norms of what art “should” be. All media is accepted for submission, artists of all levels are encouraged to submit, and there is never a predetermined theme for the final show. After reviewing the body of submitted works, each year’s chosen guest curator is free to hand-select a group of pieces that showcase the complete “Gamut” of visual mediums. The resulting exhibit makes for a memorable, one-of-a-kind event that our space is thrilled to host each fall. With guest curator Jamie Owens behind the wheel, Gamut Gallery’s 2022 C4W exhibition, Pinky Promise, is an enthusiastic and unexpected portrayal of emerging, established, and outsider artists across North America and Mexico. 

    “Art is this rare space where contemplation and play are intertwined but as an artist myself, I’ve fallen into the camp of serious art making, and feel like my personal practice suffered for it.”  With this in mind the imagery Jamie has chosen approaches adult topics of identity and mental health, but with the spirit of freedom felt in the final days of summer. Pinky Promise is an exhibition that is unapologetically juvenile featuring a mashup of ideas and mediums through a youthful lens.

    Gamut is delighted to announce that of the 27 artists chosen to participate in this year’s event, more than two-thirds are displaying work with us for the first time. Their art helps make up the final 31 pieces that have recast our gallery as a play-place for fearless experimentation within painting, illustration, sculpture, and digital media. Varying shades of pinks, greens, blues, and purples wildly ricochet off each other,  embracing visitors with the playful and sentimental energy of Pinky Promise. While this event is undoubtedly a party in itself, opening night attendees are invited to come for the art and stay for music held in the courtyard! 

    Friday, September 9th  // 6 – 9 pm
    • $7 pre-sale tickets available until 09.08.22
    • $10 day of the event
    • Free admission for members!
    • Featuring DJ Superbrush427
    • Curated by Jamie Owens
    Returning this year, there will be two “Best in Show” awards. One will be selected by the guest curator and the other by opening night attendees. Both winners will be awarded $100 cash and Platinum Memberships to Gamut Gallery ($300 value). You will not want to miss the opportunity to help one of these artists take best in show. Mark your calendars for opening night!

    C4W:2022 ART TALK
    Wednesday, September 21st // 6:30pm
    $5 pre-sale tickets available, $7 day of event
    • Free admission for members!
    Curator Jamie Owens and Moderator Juleana Enright sit down for a conversation with three selected C4W artists Christopheraaron Deanes, Emily Quandahl and Jeremy Jones.

    Wednesday, October 5th, 7 – 10pm
    • $10 pre-sales available, $10 day of the event
    • 18+
    All skill-levels are welcome!  Bring your own materials or work from those we provide, and join us for another wholesome night of making art with friends!  All visual disciplines are welcome: painting, drawing, sewing, projections, photography, design, sculpture, collage, and more. Work together, collaborate, or work solo!

    Jamie Owens is a multi-disciplinary studio artist, preparator, designer, and curator living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in design from MCAD in 2014, his art has gained an international audience of collectors. After being exhibited in New York City, Germany, the San Diego Museum of Art & History, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Jamie has widened his focus to include curatorial work. He notably curated “Cracked Pavement: Twin Cities Skateboarding Then & Now” (2018) at Gamut Gallery, and “Selections” (2019) at Revere Auctions.

    Jamie spends time making paintings, sculptures, and prints in his Minneapolis studio space and installing exhibitions at a multitude of local art galleries as an art handler. When not in the studio, Jamie is an advocate for emerging artists, aiding them with exhibitions often outside of traditional art spaces. He is also an avid participant in the Twin Cities skateboarding community and has been featured in local skate videos alongside prominent skateboarders from the metro area.

  2. MPLSART Sketchbook Project Exhibition

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    April 10 – May 8, 2021
    MPLSART and Gamut Gallery present the MPLSART Sketchbook Project Exhibition.

    FEATURING: AK Garski, allison anne, Annie Hejny, Ben DiNino, Betsy Alwin, Black Daze, Christopher E. Harrison, Christopher Carr, Christopher Aaron Deanes, Colee Recke, Derek Meier, Destiny A. Davison, Hend Al-Mansour, Jamie Owens, Jennifer Davis, Jesse Quam, Jon Reischl, Kar-Keat Chong, Kelsi Sharp, KJ, Krista Anderson-Larson, Kristine Fretheim, Leeya Jackson, Lizardman, Lora Hlavsa, Nicholas Alan Straight, Niky Motekallem, Philipo Dyauli, Reid Olson, Reggie LeFlore, Russ White, Sean Ferris, Stacey Combs, Tony Cheng, Tyler Faketrap

    The 2020 MPLSART Sketchbook Project is a unique survey of the Twin Cities visual arts community during one of the most challenging years. 68 local artists contributed 120 pages of original work to a series of five traveling sketchbooks. The sketchbooks have been compiled into a beautiful 88 page hardcover book available for presale via Kickstarter March 2nd with all net-proceeds split among the featured artist.

    When the sketchbooks were near the end of their travels, MPLSART connected with Gamut Gallery to host a pop-up exhibit to showcase the five original sketchbooks. Collaboratively, the concept evolved into a full length exhibition, featuring new works from a wide selection of the artists contributing to the project. 

    Given the magnitude of artists and limited wallspace, an open call was sent to all 68 artists and the first 35 to respond would have the opportunity to showcase an original work in the exhibition. In less than 24 hours, the roster filled up with established and emerging artists, creating an eclectic exhibition featuring muralists, studio artists, street artists, graphic novelists, collage artists, and more. Gamut attendees may recognize familiar names that have been on exhibit at Gamut in the past, and can look forward to 13 new artists who will be exhibiting their work in the gallery for the first time. 

    The exhibition has no defined theme, only a set of guidelines – works had to be new originals and available for under $500. Many artists drew inspiration from their sketchbook pages. In addition to featuring 35 original works, the exhibition will also be an opportunity to see the five original sketchbooks first-hand before going to auction at St. Paul based Revere Auctions.

    Members Only & Press Preview Night:
    Friday, April 9th  // 6-9pm

    A VIP Preview Night for Gamut Gallery Members:
    become a member today!!
    – Existing Members RSVP for FREE
    – 45 minute reserved tour sessions
    – 10 visitors per tour
    – Masks required
    – Temperature taken upon entry
    – Please stay home if you are feeling unwell

    Public Opening Night:
    Saturday, April 10th  // 5-9pm • $7
    – 45 minute reserved tour sessions
    Pre-sale tickets required
    – 10 visitors per tour
    – Masks required
    – Temperature taken upon entry
    – Please stay home if you are feeling unwell

MPLSART is a guiding voice in the Twin Cities visual arts community. Founded in 2005, MPLSART has been covering the best local exhibitions, artists, galleries, and more for over a decade. The Minneapolis and St. Paul arts community has long been hailed as one of the best in the nation and we work tirelessly to showcase the hard work of this amazing community as well as strive to create a more sustainable arts scene for all.


  • In A Gallery Far, Far Away…

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Benja Wuest, Blaine Garrett, Brook Thompson, CL Martin, Cory Favre, Dani Frame, Drake Johnson, Erik Tiberius Lervold, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jeff Bockenhauer, Jesse Golfis, Jesse Quam, Joe Rheault, Kurtis Johnson, Leslie Barlow, Mark Dean, Matt Ihle, Russ White, Sean Lynch


    In A Gallery Far, Far Away… presents a celebration of Star Wars, paying homage to the franchise while including a variety of artists from different backgrounds working in various media, showcasing that Star Wars is not defined by George Lucas or Disney, but belongs to the fans. This exhibit will be on display for three days only with free viewing during our regular weekly hours (Thur-Sat 1-7pm), and will culminate with a proper party Saturday, December 16th, 7-11pm ($5 entry or free with gallery membership). The party will feature a live orchestral performance of the Star Wars theme song in addition to other inspired improvisations by Adam Conrad’s Improvestra. The Headspace Collective will bring us back to the times of the original Star Wars release by spinning late 70’s era disco, and Andy Fitton will contribute a space-inspired ambient DJ set to the festivities. Star Wars costumes are strongly encouraged.


    Whether you love it or hate it, Star Wars has been an influence on your life. Marking its 40th anniversary this year, spanning a multitude of media and connecting generations, the Star Wars franchise is pervasive to modern life. Even if you haven’t seen the films, countless musicians, artists, filmmakers and more have been shaped by the Star Wars-verse, the extensive range of products that have helped bring “nerd” culture into the mainstream. The eighth installment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15th, and Gamut’s original crew members Mark Dean and Kurtis “Kujo” Johnson thought it fitting to present a Minneapolis artists’ ode to Star Wars: In A Gallery Far, Far Away…


    ABOUT THE CURATORS: The two curators came to Star Wars in different ways; Dean a die-hard fan from childhood, and Kujo more recently found affinity by watching the series with his son. The concept behind the exhibit is driven by Star Wars fandom. The curators are even planning to recreate a child’s bedroom, complete with posters, comics, and action figures. The exhibit was invitational at first, but as word spread about the show, Dean and Kujo decided to put out a call for submissions, recognizing that there are so many unique styles pushing the envelope in exciting and innovative ways. The artists were asked not only to think about the impact of Star Wars on their lives, but also to think about the larger galaxy and cosmos to gain inspiration for their works. Not limited to branded franchise imagery, artists were encouraged to explore Star Wars world phenomenon, inspiring a wide variety of works that collectively create an environment rich in imagination.

    Saturday December 16th // 7-11pm
    $5 or FREE w/membership
    Costumes encouraged + live music from Andy Fitton, Improvestra & The Headspace Collective

    Thursday December 14th // 1-7PM
    Friday December 15th // 1-7PM
    Saturday December 16 th // 1-7PM

  • Raging Art On : 2016

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    Join us the 2nd weekend of December for Gamut Gallery’s annual holiday shopping event! #RagingArtOn is five days of floor-to-ceiling “uncurated” artwork and handcrafted merchandise from more than 50 local artists. Come for the art; stay for the party – every night features local DJ’s spreading the good holiday party vibes.

    FEATURED ARTISTS: Amanda Weber, Ana Taylor, Andrew D. Wiechman, Angel Hawari, Barret Lee, Benjamin Wuest, Ben Sagmoe, Bethany Birnie, Biafra Inc., Boxy Mouse, Brant Kingman, Brookita Corazón, Cassie Garner, Chromanttica, CL Martin, Don White, Erin Sayer, Fabrik Marge, Inna Royzenfeld, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jennifer Hunt, Jesse Golfis, Jesse Quam, Jodi Bee, June Moon, Kate Renee, Katie Anne, GOAT, Cheeky Hendricks, Lauren Ries, Lindsey Rivera, Linnea Doyle, Lizardman, Mari Navarro, Matthew Huck, Matt Massive, Miles Taylor, Morgan Pease, Moustache Jim, Neal Breton, Phaedra Odelle, Pseudo Manitou, Rachel Andrzejewski, Rachel Schroeder, Renee Chartier, REPO, Rodrigo Oñate, Russ White, Shanna Allyn, Scott Seekins, Tierney Houdek, Tony “Etones” Larson, Wundr, Yuya Negishi

    DATES & HOURS: Wed – Sat, Dec 7th-10th, 1-10pm  & Sun, Dec 11th, 1-5pm

    A holiday sale in a gallery setting, Gamut Gallery provides a fun-filled, consumer conscious alternative to chain stores and mass mall shopping with the 6th annual shopping event, Raging Art On. Described as an “art-happening meets holiday party meets pop-up boutique,” an “uncurated” art experience awaits the adventurous shopper on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artist, musician, writer or other creative maker on their holiday season shopping list. This year, Gamut has extended the annual sale to include an additional day, which means five days, extra hours of epic rummaging and, of course, more time to enjoy the party. We’ve hand-selected the 50+ local artists involved, but they decide what to show and where to show it. What results is a gallery packed from floor to ceiling with paintings, photography, prints, collectibles, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more.

    The five-day-long event will see performances from DJs James Patrick, Modwell, Danny Sigelman, Juleana Enright, Bobby Kahn, Tony “Etones” Larson, Jesse Lingenfelter, and The Headspace Collective. Come for the art; stay for the party.

    Raging Art On reflects Gamut Gallery’s ethos of community, collaboration, the art of the happening and eco-consciousness. Gifts for sale at this event are handmade locally and are in harmony with the values of those concerned by mainstream holiday effects on our environment and our world — landfills, factory and shipping-caused pollution, issues of outsourcing and fair trade, consumer culture, etc. Raging Art On offers a place to join like-minded people together through art, music, performance and conversation.

    Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

  • Raging Art On 2014

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    – Dec. 12th & 13th, Noon–10:00 p.m. – If your Christmas gift list is filled with artists, music makers, writers and other creatives, MOA is definitely not the answer. Gamut Gallery provides an alternative to big-box stores and mass mall shopping with the annual “art-happening meets holiday-party meets pop-up boutique.”

    Featured Artists: Rudy Fig, Paige Guggemos, FabrikMarge, Sarah Stanley-Ayre, Scott Seekins, Moustache Jim, Biafra, Inc., Amanda Weber, Angela Sprunger, Benjamin Wuest, Boxy Mouse, Jamie Owens, Pseudo Manitou, Black Ship, Brookita Corazón, Adam DeGross, Lizardman, Jesse Quam, Bryce Davidson, Jennifer Hunt, Cassie Garner, Tony “Etones” Larson, Chromanttica, Emiel, Jacob Eidem, Jaime Reynal O’Connor, James Kloiber, Jesse Golfis, June “Moon” Hanson, Kate Renee, Morgan Pease, Nicole Honore Rasmussen, Rachel Schwartz, Ron Brown, Ryan Hughes, Sara Syverhus, Stephanie Jarrett, Tierney Houdek, Wendy Benson, Esequiel Guzman, TLouis Blackwell, Rob McBroom, Kept Fresh and Yuya Negishi

    Featuring two floors of “uncurated” art from 40+ artists who decide what to show and where to show it. Both floors will be packed from ceiling to floor with paintings, photography, prints, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more, so you’re sure to find something for the hard to shop for, and maybe even something for yourself!
    Hosted by local personality Christiaan “Bacon” Tarbox, who will be celebrating his birthday (woot! woot!) with a food and toy drive to Second Harvest Heartland and Toys-for-Tots. How does it work? Bring a nonperishable food item or a new, unwrapped toy to be entered for a chance to win door prizes donated by Blick Art Supplies. Music from DJ’s Mike Moilanen, Keith Millions, Aaron Brooks, and Ken Hannigan…and PBR! So, come for the art – and stay for the party. Co-sponsored by: Pabst Blue Ribbon and Blick Art Materials

  • The Lost Art: Exhibit Finale

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    Thursday April 24th, 7-10PM – Join us at Gamut Gallery as we bid farewell to the “The Lost Art,” curated by Scott Seekins. Admission is FREE and open to the public.

    This collection of hand-drawings challenges expectations of the status quo by addressing controversial issues of our time: transsexuality, war, human health, the food industry, and environmentalism, among others.
    Thrash hip-hop duo G-Biz will debut music from their new EP “Tired of Being Poor” – to be released online the day of the event. http://g-biz.bandcamp.com/

    DJ Miscellaneous will open and close the evening with an eclectic mix of music to expand your mind and make your body move.

    Erin Sayer, Sara Syverhus, Amina Harper, Angela Sprunger, Aneesa Erinn Adams, Brookita Corazon, Justine Di Fiore, Bryce Davidson, Danielle Jambois Edstrom, Ed Johnson, Stefani McDade, Nate Stottrup, Ethan Heidlebaugh, Laura Bigger, Angel Hawari, Laurie Kigner, Nicholas Straight, Ron Brown, Jesse Quam, Scott Seekins