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  1. Creative Combustion // Exhibition & Book Release

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Wing Young Huie, Adam Theis, Meg Brown, Anna Bongiovanni, Tricia Khutoretsky, Adam Conrad, David Feily, Qassandra Kauzlarich, Judith Howard, Benjamin Wuest, Rachel Andrzejewski, Joan Vorderbruggen, Alex Potter, Kate Renee, Jim Bovino, Jasmine Seuling, Charlie Mendez, Ramses Alarcon-Sanchez

    In every artist, there is an impetus to create; it starts with a spark. While most of us are only privy to the final product, local photographer, Ilya Natarius wants the audience to be frozen within the illumination of that original vision.

    For the photojournalistic group exhibition, Creative Combustion, Natarius selected 18 creative makers representing a wide array of media and followed them to their place of inspiration, be it a physical atmosphere or an emotive memory. Documenting the experience through 35mm film and in-depth interviews, Natarius and his team of photographers and journalists hand-printed and compiled a photo essay exploring the source of creativity. Featuring photographers, musicians, aerial performers, master brewers, tattoo artists, curators, dancers, installation artists, and mixed media artists, the final project is a compelling visual photography series depicting talent and energy which offers an accompanying art book with pages of expose on the psychology of the art and the story behind their impulse to create.

    Relying on the photojournalist credo of “realistic imagery,” Natarius’ work authentically allows the viewer to experience the “aura” of the subject photographed, an element often lost in the era of digital embellishment. By stepping away from photo manipulation, Natarius returns to what is rawest and truest in storytelling through images.

    A departure from his previous personal photography work, which focused more on observing spatial environments, Creative Combustion is a mini drama of enfolding intersections and human connection. Each image projects the skill and confidence of the featured creatives while discussing the ingredients that come together to ignite their individual creative spark.

    CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Rita Kovtun, Nadia Honary, Marcos Juarez-Gosselin

    Thursday, August 11 2016, 7-11pm
    With live music by Adam Conrad and members of Improvestra
    $5 admission

    Thursday, August 18th 2016, 7-11pm
    All visual disciplines are welcome: painting, drawing, sewing, design, projection, photography, sculpture, collage and more.
    $5 admission

    September 2nd 2016, 7-10pm
    Genrebeast 4: The fourth of five CD release parties by Gus Watkins featuring Qaanaaq, Jaedyn James & The Hunger and rocker Courtney Yasmineh, plus live soundscapes between acts by Peter Bregman, Adam Biel, Ficshe, Chrysanthemum, Charlie Milkey, Adriatic, Jada Brown.
    $10 entry, $15 w/ CD

    Ilya Natarius is a photographer, videographer, and engineer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being active in the creative world for the past nine years and passionate about storytelling through the lens, Ilya has worked with a number of organizations such as the University of St. Thomas, Face Forward MN, and Infinitree Media to produce content for a wide range of clients that includes Summer Set Music Festival, Project Earth Festival, The Ivey Awards, and various musicians and performing artists throughout Minnesota. Ilya’s real passion lies in the world of analog photography and printmaking, where he can explore different subject matter outside of the confines of the professional world. During the day, Ilya is a full-time engineer working in high-tech storage.

    Rita Kovtun is a writer, photographer, and multimedia storyteller. She aims to craft written and visual stories that shift perspectives and center on a shared human experience. Rita has worked in news, magazines, and art and cultural nonprofit organizations, producing stories and content for MinnPost, thirty two magazine, The Riveter magazine, Face Forward MN, the University of St. Thomas, the Minnesota Historical Society, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as individual artists in the Twin Cities. Born in Russia, raised in the United States, and having spent time studying French in Paris and working at a chocolate and permaculture farm in Costa Rica, Rita brings a global perspective to her work and a desire to create positive social change.

    Nadia Honary considers herself a video artist. She has been doing multimedia production work of varying degrees for over ten years. Passionate about sharing stories through video, she has collaborated with and produced videos and photos for several nonprofit organizations and groups nationally and internationally, as well as with artists of various disciplines. Her experimental films have been featured locally at the Southern Theater and the Gamut Gallery. At present her work explores themes in identity and gender. She is producing an installation piece to be featured at the Pillsbury House Theatre in December. Nadia is working full-time for the local public access television station St. Paul Neighborhood Network teaching adults and youth techniques in video production.

    Marcos Juarez-Gosselin has always used his media to inspire. Believing that a community effort is the main ingredient to positive social change, Marcos has set a goal to collaborate with businesses and artists that possess the same objective. As cofounder of Infinitree Media, Marcos focuses on engagement; whether personally or through media, he aims to create pieces or host events that allow space for conversations based around working together. Some sustainable partners of Infinitree Media include Paisley Park Enterprise, MJG Productions, Massive Amounts of Good, and the Farm Journal Foundation. By creating media with a purpose, Marcos wishes to serve a more supportive, aware, and socially engaged community.

    Follow Gamut Gallery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements leading up to these events. Exhibit’s official hashtag: #creativecombustion

  2. Gold Press

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    ‘Gold Press’ performs this weekend at Gamut Gallery

    This Saturday and Sunday, choreographer Judith Howard — along with Krista Langberg, Kristin Van Loon, and Naomi Joy — will perform ” Gold Press,” a dance work responding to visual artist Ash Marlene Hane’s “Conditions” exhibition at Gamut Gallery. Accompanied by Chester Yourczek’s live score, the performers use gold foil, fabric, a glass box, and other items, taking inspiration from Hane’s feminist prints to create a piece about control, vulnerability, and disappearing.

  3. Conditions

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    MINNEAPOLIS Saturday, July 14 2012– Conditions explores ideas of vulnerability and control, expressed through portraits of the female body. Hane identifies her work as part of a new era of feminism that does not pit itself against masculinity, but rather openly explores a feminine perspective. In this exhibit, Hane confronts expected molds or versions of self, reinforcing concept with technique. She prepares her lithographs, screenprints and intaglios by beginning with a digital template, which she alters through hand-drawn elements and manual deletion of information. She then uses these matrices to print multiple-layer compositions.

    “The result is a series of iterations, similar to the way a thought or conversation plays in my mind over and over again; slightly different, yet slightly the same”.

    Ash Marlene Hane was born in Northern Minnesota. In 2008 she earned a double BA in Art History and Studio Art, with a focus in printmaking. Her time at the University of Minnesota was spent under the mentorship of Printmaking Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Jenny Schmid. Hane was a founding member of the U of M’s printmaking collective, Bohemian Press, and continues to be an active member of the local printmaking community.

    Two associated events will be held at Gamut Gallery during this exhibit:

    Reception for the opening of Conditions, Saturday, July 14, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
    In response to the exhibit, award-winning choreographer Judith Howard will collaborate with Hane and notable dancers Krista Langberg and Kristin Van Loon, performing Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 at 8:00 p.m.