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  1. 2021 Exhibit Calendar

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    We’re ready for you, new works, new artists, new year.


    December, 2nd 2021 – January, 10th 2021
    Raging Art On 2021 – Our annual “uncurated” holiday shop in a gallery setting.

    Gamut’s 10th annual holiday market Raging Art On (RAO) is back!  We’re bursting at the seams with locally sourced art, helping you answer that age old question: what do you get the person that has everything? The gallery is transformed, filled from floor-to-ceiling with paintings, fiberart, prints, jewelry, sculptures, and stocking stuffers to choose from. You’ll never find yourself agonizing over holiday shopping again! Raging Art On provides a unique, consumer-conscious experience that allows any adventurous shopper to find the perfect gift for anyone on their shopping list! With the exception of selecting the participants, Gamut leaves the rest up to the local artists to decide the amount of work they show and where to show it.

    ​​FEATURED ARTISTS: Third Daughter Restless Daughter, Astralchemy, Alexis Politz, allison anne, Anton Horishnyk, Amit Michael,  Ashley Nichole, Bekah Worley, Benja Wuest, Biafra, Black Daze, Cassie Garner, Carter Casmaer, Destiny Davison, Eli Libson, Emily Forbes, Emily Quandahl, Evan Weselmann, Flahn Manly, Heather Renaux, Jamie Owens, Jenna Richardson, Jordan Wiebe, Jorie Kosel, Juliana Ferguson, Kathryn Flora, Lauren Storm, Linnea Maas, Liza Ferrari, Lora Hlavsa, Lucy Comer, Manthra Studio, Martzia, Marne Skusa, Nichole Showalter, Pompa Goods, Olivia Kor, Phaedra Odelle, Philipo Duyali, Rachel Schroder, Roland & Darwin Patrick, Russ White, Sara Kahn, Scott Seekins, Sherstin Schwartz, stace of spades, Suyao Tian, Tierney Houdek, Tiffany Lange, Tom Jay, Trace, Zach Julen

    PAST EXHIBITS in 2021

    Cancelled – We regret to inform you, but Future Forms has been cancelled due to logistical complications. Keep following both orgs to see what other exciting events they have planned for the year.

    Future FormsJuxtaposition Arts and Gamut Gallery present Future Forms, a multimedia exhibition featuring artwork from current JXTALabs youth apprentices and recent program alumni. These exhibiting artists affirm that the visionary genius and interdisciplinary approaches of our young people are integral to the growth of the Minneapolis community and beyond.

    Alex Vaquerano, Avahnii Lewis, Bereket Weddall, Cameron Downey, Elijah Buchanan, Essence Enwere, Ethan Nevelinen, Hans Forsline, Hawwa Youngmark, Isaiah Hunter, Justice Jones, Makeda Parrish, Micah Brekke, Namir Fear

    Curated by: Alex Smith, Adrienne Doyle, Greta Kotz


    April 10th, 2021 – May 8th 2021
    Minneapolis Sketchbook Project MPLSART and Gamut Gallery present the MPLSART Sketchbook Project Exhibition, representing 35 new original works from local artists featured in the project. All works will be available for $500 or less!

    The 2020 MPLSART Sketchbook Project is a unique survey of the Twin Cities visual arts community during a most challenging year. 68 local artists contributed 120 pages of original work to a series of five traveling sketchbooks. The sketchbooks have been compiled into a beautiful 88 page hardcover book available for presale via Kickstarter March 2nd with all net-proceeds split among the featured artist.

    MPLSART is also partnering with St. Paul based Revere Auctions to auction the original sketchbooks. All net proceeds from the print book and the originals will be distributed among contributing artists! This is MPLSART’s way of helping artists during this difficult year.

    Featuring: AK Garski, allison anne, Annie Hejny, Ben DiNino, Betsy Alwin, Black Daze, Christopher E. Harrison, Christopher Carr, Christopher Aaron Deanes, Colee Recke, Derek Meier, Destiny Davison, Hend Al-Mansour, Jamie Owens, Jennifer Davis, Jesse Quam, Jon Reischl, Kar-Keat Chong, Kelsi Sharp, KJ, Krista Anderson-Larson, Kristine Fretheim, Leeya Jackson, Lora Hlavsa, Lizardman, Nicholas Straight, Niky Motekallem, Noval Noir, Philipo Dyauli, Reid Olson, Russ White, Sean Ferris, stace of spades, Tony Cheng, Tyler Faketrap


    May 29th 2021 – June 26th, 2021
    Setting the Groundworka solo exhibition by Reggie LeFlore exploring his take on the multidimensional elements of creating, storytelling, and relationships with space and time.

    Setting the Groundwork is Reggie LeFlore’s visual autobiography. Through the use of six portraits, each representing a different chapter of creativity in his life, viewers will have the opportunity to get a look into his inspirations as a child and to his collaborations across his life, highlighting his connections to community and the environments that surround it. Each foundational portrait represents a piece of LeFlore’s methodology, supported with elements containing his past, future and his current bookmark resounding on identity, afrocentricity and purpose. These experiences and influences create a larger than life, bold, vibrant story; a mural per se of his life, from his roots in Omaha to his life in Minneapolis.

    Reggie Leflore is visual artist who creates to praise individual and collective stories through human portraiture.  His inspirations are drawn from the concepts and philosophies of Street Art culture and Illustration – using aerosol, acrylic paint and various graphic design techniques to construct pieces in varying styles, scales and surfaces. Reggie uses visual arts to amplify both his surrounding environments and the narratives contained within them.

    Curated by Cassie Garner


    July 15th, 2021 – August 21st, 2021
    Singula – An international group exhibition honoring rare elements that shape our identity

    Featuring muralists Los Calladitos, 2MIL, Lelo Zaa and Roco Drilo from Mexico, (sub)urban warrior, Liz Flores and Elloo from Chicago, Chuck U and Joy Spika from Minneapolis, all whom incorporate whimsical characters and dream-like imagery.

    Singula (adj.) derives from the Latin word, singulus, meaning single or separate; each one being individually unique and particular, possessing its own essence. As individuals experiencing and interpreting distinct realities– from our physical surroundings to our imaginations deep within the subconscious realm; Singula honors the distinguishable and rare elements that continuously shape our identity and understanding of the world.

    Singula is curated by Rodrigo Oñate and features muralists he has invited from Mexico, Chicago and Minneapolis, all whom incorporate whimsical characters and dream-like imagery to explore their cultural origins and storytelling practices that embolden critical connections across identities. Through a combination of colors, textures and intricate shapes and figures, this collection of muralists reveres the accessibility of public spaces to create vibrant and eclectic works that connect directly with the community. By highlighting everyday human experiences and marginalized narratives, this exhibition affirms street art is a powerful form of expression and solidarity among communities, stimulating the imagination and activism necessary for transformative change.

    We hope this work engages the viewer to reflect upon their own innermost identities and the dreams that we carry with us throughout our lifetime. This Summer, we invite you to enter the gallery filled with environments most commonly found in our flights of fantasy.

    Curated by Rodrigo Oñate


    September 10th , 2021 – October 9th, 2021
    C4W:2021 – 
    Gamut Gallery’s annual Call-4-Work exhibition.

    The beauty of C4W is that there’s no predetermined theme and it is not a show that influences what art should be. Instead, Candida Gonzalez, this year’s guest curator, brings their unique perspective and interpretation of the submitted works ranging the full “Gamut” of visual media.

    Through our guest curators lens & perspective they have curated the theme Elemental for this C4W. This exhibit will feature artworks that Cándida has chosen to represent one of the building blocks of life, from the four elements and human connections to life and death. For Cándida, these selected works represent some form of elemental energy that invites us to drop down from the chaos into the essential foundation of existence as life twists & changes around us.

    C4W:2021 Features: Aidan Dillon, Alexandra Beaumont, Alondra M. Garza, Atzín Rayas, Ayana Figueroa, Ben DiNino, Ben Hering, Benjamin Wuest, Bo Young An, Buddah Jankey, Caryn Ann Bendrick, Christopher Harrison, Christopher Palbicki, CL Martin, Corinne Teed, Daniel Allyn Lee, Derek Meier, Emily Forbes, Helene Woods, Human Shaped Animal, Ilya Natarius, Ivonne Yáñez, Jacob Docksey, Jessica Kitzman, Jes Lee, Jordan Wiebe, Jorie Kosel, Kat Moon, Katie Robinson, Kristine Fretheim, Laurie Borggreve, Liza Ferrari, Lucy Comer, Lynda Mullan, Madison Rubenstein, Maria Quinn, Margaret Vergara, Nate Woodard, Sarah M. Sosa, Tchana Pierre, & Tiffany Lange


    October 22nd, 2021 – November 20th, 2021
    Balancing Act – 
    A solo exhibition by Barret Lee.

    Balancing Act showcases an unreleased body of work from Minneapolis painter, Barret Lee, encompassing the characters he has been illustrating since childhood and subject matters he has expanded upon since graduating from MCAD in 2016. Drawing from his biggest inspirations: surrealism, graffiti and cartoons, Lee utilizes a combination of acrylics, spray paint and occasional collage, expressing a whimsical theme throughout his work, personifying fantastical worlds that encourage the viewer to escape from the chaos of reality.

    Barret sees painting as a form of communicating unrestrained thoughts and softening the discord of everyday experience. His unique approach to surrealism stimulates the audience’s imagination and emotions. Naturally, this exhibition reveals that when we maximize our creative capacity, chaos and balance do not merely coexist but can actually live in harmony with one another.

    “Those three worlds I look to mold into one of modern escapism. I create fantastical characters and floating landscapes in search of a utopian outlook on life”, says Barret. Like many of his previous bodies of work, Balancing Act features constructs of paradisal wonderlands, however this solo exhibition focuses on satirizing the state of the world and how it affects our mental wellbeing and existence. His use of poppy, saturated colors will draw viewers in as they are given an opportunity to explore the macro- and microcosms that Lee has unleashed from his mind.

  2. Curative

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    The 4th annual exhibit of Target Team Member art work, Curative, is happening this year at Gamut Gallery, and we couldn’t be more excited about the union! Curative is an art exhibition of work by Target Team Members that celebrates the creative talents for those in both creative and non-creative departments. This event is all about the work and love that people take the time to create outside of Target’s walls.

    This year’s exhibit is juried by the lovely folks at Juxtaposition Arts, the community-based education, entrepreneurship, and professional development organization designed for young artists. A “real time”- inspired exhibition, the event will display art as it’s created via live screen printing by JXTA based off of the branding they have created for Curative.

    On top of its partnership with JXTA, the event will feature delicious food, DJ-spun tunes, and libations, all for your art viewing pleasure. The exhibit will last only three days – opening reception on Wednesday, October 15th from 5-8 pm with additional open gallery hours on Thursday, October 16th from 12-4 pm and Friday, October 17th from noon-4 pm.

    Come be a part of a different kind of social experience. Display art as it’s created. Share photos as they’re taken. Live and share in the moment.