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  1. Valure Finale: Featuring Ghostbridge Theatre

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    Jeff Nichols’ original play, Mannequin’s Daughter told the tale of Iris, a character who – from viewer perspective – struggles with an eating disorder, but claims what she truly devours is the inorganic items of our modern consumerist culture. Appealing to Aphrodite for help, she spirals into the surreal depths of her own mind. Encountering opposition from the figures of her life obstructing her journey to health, each adjunct character distorts and challenges her version of reality. Ghostbridge Theatre highlights concepts of blind consumption, addiction and body image through a dark and thought-provoking dramedy about self-identity. Juxtaposing the concepts of rampant materialism in our modern age, Mannequin’s Daughter examined how sexuality is used as a marketing tool to sell products to consumers at the expense of contributing to the misrepresentation of the “ideal” body type.

    The perfect companion to close out our inaugural exhibition of the year Valure – an all women show – Mannequin’s Daughter dived into consuming vs. consumerism, and the very thin line tread between the two in a society which places a taboo on aging and a fascination with youth. Both performance and exhibit set out to deconstruct the confines of the idealized “feminine” and explored what it means to value the self despite the various ways society, culture, upbringing and our own subconscious bias shape and often distort identity.

    Director: Jeff Nichols
    Choreographer: Tera Kilbride
    Performers: Karen Massey, Jeff Nichols, Tera Kilbride, Angela Olson and Maggie Danger
    Costumer: Michael Hearn

    Ghostbridge Theatre is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to the performance of original work. Challenging audiences to transcend societal, personal, and spiritual boundaries, we aim to illuminate connections and obscure certainties. Creating landscapes of imagination, our work utilizes ambiguity to empower audiences to make their own personal decisions – sparking debate and revealing the validity of multiple perspectives.