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    Glitch Art is an artistic phenomenon of internet culture. Although its roots go back into the 20th century, it is a nascent artistic movement with a far flung, but significantly sized community. The *Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis* aims to deny its title, introducing the viewer to a wide spectrum of artwork that shows the vitality of the medium.


    FRIDAY, MARCH 17th 7-11pm
    Opening remarks // (Jade Patrick)
    Historical Perspectives for Glitch Art // (Daniel Dean)
    Low-Gain w/ The Analog VJ Collective // (performance)

    SATURDAY, MARCH 18th 1-8:30pm
    Introduction to Glitch Techniques: Hex Editing // (workshop with Kaspar Ravel)
    Sonification // (workshop with Miles Taylor)
    3d Glitching // (workshop with Mark Klink)
    Datamoshing and Creative Coding // (workshop with Miles Taylor & Kaspar Ravel)
    Interference // (performance by Beatrice Schleyer & Sara Goodman)

    + AFTER PARTY @ Slam Academy MARCH 18th 10-2am
    [$10 non-pass holders] Featuring live a/v performances by Mach Fox, BIONIK, PFunkus and more.

    SUNDAY MARCH 19th, 1-5:30pm
    Printing, Framing and Selling Your Art // (workshop by Miles Taylor)
    A Failed Performance // (presentation by Nick Zhu)
    /fu:bar/ // (presentation by Dina Karadzic & Vedran Gligo)
    What is Glitch Art? // (debate)

    Curated and organized by Aleksandra Pienkosz (Krakow), Zoe Stawska (Warsaw) and Miles Taylor (Minneapolis), the initiative began in 2015 with the *Glitch Art is Dead* exhibition in Kraków. The exhibit was hosted by Teatr Barakah in Krakow, Poland and ran from September until mid-October. An exhibition book, edited by Pienkosz and published by Hub Wydawniczy Rozdzielczosc Chleba, features artists from the first exhibition as well as discourse on glitch art and is set to be released on December 17th.

    Hosted by Gamut Gallery, the 2017 Minneapolis installment features an exhibition of more than 90 artists from around the world running March 11th-31st; a three-day weekend of Glitch Art workshops March 17th-19th; and a Noise Night exhibit finale on March 31st with performances curated by Alex Kmett.

    The Glitch community is centered around the Glitch Artists Collective with a Facebook following of about 52,000 people. It is the initiative’s goal to foster a deep sense of community by bringing these digital denizens into the real world by exhibiting emerging artists with established ones and to connect local artists with those based nationally and internationally. To this end, the curators are arranging for several artists from the UK, France, Poland, Croatia and across the U.S. to attend the exhibition and present at the workshop.


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    Glitch Workshop [Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis]

    Mar 17, 2017 7:00 PM

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