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  1. Black Magik Woman IV

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    Artist teams led by: Ashley Schulzetenberg, Emily Eaton, Emma Wondra, Jade Patrick, Karmel Sabri, Katherine Tolene, Luna Grace, Nylo G., Romeny Chan, Sarah Edwards, Vie Boheme


    After multiple successful events at Norseman Distillery and Urban Outfitters Uptown, the fourth edition of Black Magik Woman is making a move to the gallery world by taking place at Gamut Gallery. Black Magik Woman started in 2015 with a group of five female photographers and has since grown in scale, concept, and popularity. The project was conceived by Minneapolis creative Connie Mrotek who resists the notion that women can’t work well together due to perceived thoughts of being “too emotional” and the common thought that women are competitive in the workplace. Inspired by the power of female energy, Mrotek envisioned Black Magik Woman, which hopes to bring positivity to the view of the female/female identified/ femme/non-binary form and change the generalizations and stereotypes that are faced day-to-day.


    Black Magik Woman IV will feature collaborative works from 11 creative teams, all new to the project, that tackle social issues that individuals deal with today – personally, socially and/or globally. Each team includes a creative lead, a muse, and a visual artist, though the distinctions can blur to include others, collaboratively drawing inspiration to create a conceptual vision.


    Diversity is very important to this project and continues to help evolve what this project looks like. Black Magik Woman hopes to continue to push feminism in a positive way and help develop new standards for women, women-identified, femme and non-binary individuals; changing how we exist and are perceived in this world. In the reality of a new president who has proven to have crude and out-of-date views on what being a woman looks like today, it is very important that Black Magik Woman get its message out. This year’s event could prove to be a very emotional and life-changing event for many of us. Alone we are a force; together we are THE force to be reckoned with. Our community is strong and thriving and full of talented and amazing straight, queer, femme, non-binary and feminist individuals.

    Pro Women doesn’t mean Anti Men. All are welcome here.

    Tickets are very limited this year. Once they are gone there will not be any additional tickets available at the door. Funds raised will be used to cover production costs such as rental fees, entertainment, marketing and promotional items. Additional money raised will be used to start a Black Magik Woman fund to help support future events and artists.

    Thursday, May 24, 7-11pm
    VIP: 6pm  | General Admission: 7pm // $30
    This is a limited capacity event, Pre-sales available
    Gamut Members receive tickets 1/2 off, please contact Gamut Gallery for discount code

    Featuring musical performances DJ Rowsheen and DJ Babyghost
    Sponsored by Tattersall Distillery | Hosted at Gamut Gallery