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  1. C4W:2014

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    Minneapolis – Friday, October 24, 2014, 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. – opening reception for Gamut Gallery’s third annual “C4W: Call 4 Works” juried art exhibition. The show features work from twenty-three regional and international artists; it runs through November 22. Kristoffer Knutson curates the exhibit, focusing a contemporary curator’s eye to the diverse array of submissions.

    Knutson has built experience promoting and engaging artistic communities in Minneapolis while running the design store “ROBOTlove” from 2005-2012 as well as through his partnership in the local arts calendar mplsart.com. This will be his first experience as the sole juror of an open call for works. He describes the process as challenging given the breadth of media, content, and artistry of the submissions – but this variety is exactly what Gamut was hoping for as a reflection of their mission. He invites those familiar with his place in the Twin Cities art community to view the show as something “they might not expect to see” from him. Knutson selected finalists whose submitted work shared a common thread – identity and the projection of self – along with a number of pieces that offer moments of inner reflection. Through the curation of this exhibit he explores a two-fold reality where our projected identity and experience perhaps differ from an outsider’s perspective.

    This is the first collaboration between Knutson and Gamut Gallery — a gallery he describes as “young, open and relevant, the kind of place where accessible art can be fostered.” Gallery director Jade Patrick has a parallel affinity for Knutson’s contribution towards expanding a market for and knowledge of Minneapolis’ street and poster art scenes.

    Featured Artists: Maryam Hosseinnia, Vadim Gershman, Justine Di Fiore, Diane Katsiaficas, Caleb Timmerman, Claire Victoria, Kelsey Henderson, Kaija Wahlquist, Kyle And, Joseph Loeffler, Russ White, Timothy P. Ojile, Evan Ishmael, Mieko Yamazaki, Samuel Bjorgum, Nodjadong Boonprasert, Joshua McGarvey, Morgan Mercer, Kyle Quinn, Christopher Sorenson, Leah Edelman-Brier, Darius Homayounpour, Adam White, and Frank Heatley

  2. C4W: 2013 // Exhibit Finale

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    Artwork above by Jacob Spriggs


    MINNEAPOLIS – Saturday, Nov. 23, 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. – This year, Gamut Gallery’s “C4W: 2013” call-for-works show was entrusted to three local artists to jury and curate: arts writer and gallerist Nathaniel Smith, printmaker Ash Marlene Hane, and multi-disciplinary artist Jesse Draxler.  The resulting collection shows the depth of variety in minimalism and a range of moods from within the void. For the C4W Exhibit Finale, the blank canvas of sound will be entrusted to multi-instrumentalist Jacob Grun.  He will create a soundscape in harmony with the surrounding imagery.  Free admission is made possible in part by sponsorship from Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Opening night of C4W was a well-attended evening with local artists, gallerists and art supporters there to weigh in on the quality of the works.  Several praised the exhibit for its “cohesion,” a challenging feat for an open submission juried show. The video installation piece, “Perfection” by Nicholas Knutson, engaged crowds of people with interactive audio and physical aspects.  Another favorite was the large sculpture “This Isn’t a Surrender But I Would Be Hard-Pressed to Convince Otherwise,” by Nicholas Carroll, which combines an artist’s stool, blinds and other materials to create an object of contemplation.  The collection is especially suited for those interested in investing in art, with each piece priced 500 dollars or less.

    Grun is widely known as the front man of local band “Me and My Arrow.”  In the last year the band played several shows at First Avenue alongside Touch People, Joan of Arc and Chris Cohen.  Grun is the lead singer/ songwriter, guitarist and studio producer for the group.  For nearly a decade, he has owned the storied recording studio Sound Gallery, a supportive resource for local musicians and bands.  There, Grun has honed the art of bringing community together through music in a unique and exciting atmosphere.  At the C4W Exhibit Finale, Grun will provide a mysterious one-man set.

    The C4W | 2013 Artists:

    Nicholas Carroll
    Jacob Spriggs
    Joshua McGarvey
    Marnie Erpestad
    Morgan Pease
    Christopher Atkins
    Nicholas Knutson
    Suzanne Mahoney
    Toni Dachis
    Josh Winkler
    Danielle Voight
    Joshua Wilichowski
    Katerina Fisher
    Kelsey Henderson
    Nicholas Kovatch