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  1. Art Talk

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    Join us for a conversation lead by Public Functionary’s Tricia Khutoretsky with Call4Work juror/curator Kristoffer Knutson and Gamut Gallery Director Jade Patrick.

    Three innovators versed in the local arts community share their thoughts on the connective tissues that bind them creatively, weigh in on the evolution and current state of the local art scene, and discuss the sustainability of the arts through establishing art purveyors and supporting artists.

    The exchange will touch upon the importance of experimentation and adaptivity. All three panelists have figured out how to turn their domains – past and present – into interactive playgrounds, appealing to the uniqueness of their audiences. Gamut showcases this concept with each featured exhibit through an emphasis on supporting collaborative and multimedia work, and an “anything goes” approach to media submission, which was a core element in the C4W exhibition. Even from its early Kickstarter beginnings, Khutoretsky pushed for Public Functionary to be seen as a gallery existing outside of typical forms. With each exhibit and artist, Public Functionary’s space evolves, redefining what a gallery could and should be. Her focus on artistic process helps bring the patron’s experience out of two dimensions and into a more engaging, sensory level. In a similar vein, Knutson created ROBOTlove to function as both a design store featuring artist collectibles and as a space brimming with artistic discovery that united collectors with the artists they appreciate.

    Knutson will also expand on the artwork selected for this year’s C4W exhibition and discuss what it was like to sift through the breadth of submissions with the emphasis on form, content and aesthetics. Patrick will highlight the ideas behind Gamut and where the gallery sees itself in the local “artscape,” and Khutoretsky will examine what it takes to be a successful, yet experimental gallery in Minneapolis.

    From a position as the proverbial “new-kid-on-the-block,” Gamut excitedly awaits a chance to facilitate dialogue which will “pick the brains” of two of the scene’s most established art supporters and is sure to be of interest to both arts programmers and patrons alike.

    About the Panelists:

    TRICIA KHUTORETSKY is the Curator and Director of Public Functionary, an innovative contemporary art space in NE Minneapolis. Growing up overseas (Egypt/Thailand/Saudi Arabia) and coming from a culturally-mixed background, her personal agenda as an art curator is to share art that connects people. She’s been an advocate for the cultivation of a vibrant creative community in Twin Cities since 2001, initiating and supporting projects that celebrate innovation in local art, fashion and music. She has B.A. from Macalester College and an M.A. in Arts and Cultural Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, where she is currently an Adjunct Instructor for the same program.

    KRISTOFFER KNUTSON has a long history of producing creative content for advertisers, film studios and television programs – all while staying rooted here in Minneapolis. As partner in mplsart.com and owner of the now defunct design store, ROBOTlove, Knutson has contributed greatly to illuminating local and national street art, while helping to pollinate the broader Minneapolis visual arts scene.

    JADE PATRICK is the Director of Gamut Gallery, and holds a B.A. in economics from Hamline University. Patrick’s ability to develop community makes people feel included and capable to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Not adhering to the classic business models of the past, Patrick breaks them to create something new and of far more meaning. “Art of the happening” is an embedded part of the Patrick mission for this exact reason: create experiences; make something that the machine cannot.

  2. C4W:2014

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    Minneapolis – Friday, October 24, 2014, 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. – opening reception for Gamut Gallery’s third annual “C4W: Call 4 Works” juried art exhibition. The show features work from twenty-three regional and international artists; it runs through November 22. Kristoffer Knutson curates the exhibit, focusing a contemporary curator’s eye to the diverse array of submissions.

    Knutson has built experience promoting and engaging artistic communities in Minneapolis while running the design store “ROBOTlove” from 2005-2012 as well as through his partnership in the local arts calendar mplsart.com. This will be his first experience as the sole juror of an open call for works. He describes the process as challenging given the breadth of media, content, and artistry of the submissions – but this variety is exactly what Gamut was hoping for as a reflection of their mission. He invites those familiar with his place in the Twin Cities art community to view the show as something “they might not expect to see” from him. Knutson selected finalists whose submitted work shared a common thread – identity and the projection of self – along with a number of pieces that offer moments of inner reflection. Through the curation of this exhibit he explores a two-fold reality where our projected identity and experience perhaps differ from an outsider’s perspective.

    This is the first collaboration between Knutson and Gamut Gallery — a gallery he describes as “young, open and relevant, the kind of place where accessible art can be fostered.” Gallery director Jade Patrick has a parallel affinity for Knutson’s contribution towards expanding a market for and knowledge of Minneapolis’ street and poster art scenes.

    Featured Artists: Maryam Hosseinnia, Vadim Gershman, Justine Di Fiore, Diane Katsiaficas, Caleb Timmerman, Claire Victoria, Kelsey Henderson, Kaija Wahlquist, Kyle And, Joseph Loeffler, Russ White, Timothy P. Ojile, Evan Ishmael, Mieko Yamazaki, Samuel Bjorgum, Nodjadong Boonprasert, Joshua McGarvey, Morgan Mercer, Kyle Quinn, Christopher Sorenson, Leah Edelman-Brier, Darius Homayounpour, Adam White, and Frank Heatley