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  1. Raging Art On

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    FEATURED ARTISTS: Aeris Nadia, Alice Ferox, Alice de Lux, Angel Hawari, Annie Hejny, Anton Horishnyk, Ashley Nichole, Asher, Barret Lee, Ben Wuest, Brian Hart, Black Daze, Cory Favre, Derek Meier, Erin Nistler,Heather Renaux, Hilary Greenstein, Impeach, Jacob Eidem, Jade Huynh, Jake Spike, James Zucco, Jamie Owens, Jesse Golfis, James Kloiber, Jeremiah Soup, Kathryn Flora, Kevin Olson, Kim Heidkamp, Lauren Chadare, Lindsey Richardson, Linnea Maas, Matt Hintz, Meg Brown, Meghan Murphy, Michelle Nasvik, Miles Taylor, Meranda Turbak, Morgan Pease, Moustache Jim, Phaedra Odelle, Prettyhard, Rachel Andrzejewski, Renee Chartier, Rob Watt, Russ White, Scott Seekins, stace of spades, Steph Sperlak, Tamiko French, Tessa Warnke, Tierney Houdek, Wundr.

    Gamut Gallery’s annual holiday event “Raging Art On” (RAO) returns this December with half of the 50 artists new to the show, and will run for three full weekends through December 22nd. Like years past, RAO is a cash-n-carry holiday sale in a gallery setting where there is literally art from ceiling to floor. It is “uncurated” in the sense that, aside from selecting who participates, the rest is left entirely up to the artists: what artwork to bring, how much to bring, and where it is hung. What results is a gallery packed to the brim with paintings, photos, prints, collectibles, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more.


    RAO will kick-off with a proper party featuring DJ Baard on Wednesday, December 5th from 7-10pm. Admission to this “first dibs” opener will be $20 or FREE with gallery membership. Capacity is limited, so reserve your ticket today: https://ragingarton2018.bpt.me

    Thursday December 20th // DJ Juleana Enright 6-9pm // FREE
    Friday December 21st // DJ James Patrick 6-9pm // FREE

    Wednesday December 5th // 7-10pm
    Featuring BAARD

    $20 entry or FREE w/membership: https://gamutgallerympls.com/membership/
    Presales available at: https://ragingarton2018.bpt.me

    Thursday – Saturday December 6th – 8th // 1-7PM
    Thursday – Saturday December 13th -15th // 1-8PM
    Thursday – Saturday December 20th -22nd // 1-9PM

  2. Raging Art On 2017

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    “art-happening meets holiday-party meets pop-up boutique”

    FEATURED ARTISTS: Alex Poepping, Alexandra Motz, Aleister White, Angel Hawari, Amy Bloss, Barret Lee, Ben Sagmoe, Benja Wuest, BERGY, Boxy Mouse, Cassie Garner, Chromantica, CL Martin, Cory Favre, Derek Meier, Edie Overturf, Erin Nistler, Genie Castro, Hilary Greenstein, Inna Royzenfeld, I.V. Hills, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jamie Owens, Jesse Aylsworth, Jesse Golfis, Jodi Bee, Katie Anne, Kyle AND, Lauren Chadare, Lindsey Richardson, Matthew Huck, Miles Taylor, Morgan Pease, Moustache Jim, Natalia Berglund, Nicholas Harper, Paige Guggemos, Phaedra Odelle, Pseudo Manitou, Rachel Andrzejewski, Rachel Schroder, Rachelle Horowitz, Renee Chartier, Rob McBroom, Rob Watt, Russ White, Scott Roper, Miranda Schwartz, Scott Seekins, Shye, Sofia Berglund, stace of spades, Steph Sperlak, Stephanie Claybrook, Tierney Houdek, Van Holmgren.

    A holiday sale in a gallery setting, Gamut Gallery provides a fun-filled, consumer-conscious alternative to chain stores and mass mall shopping with the annual shopping event Raging Art On. Described as an “art-happening meets holiday party meets pop-up boutique,” an “uncurated” art experience awaits the adventurous shopper on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artist, musician, writer or other creative maker on their holiday season shopping list. We’ve hand-selected the 50 local artists involved, but they decide what to show and where to show it. What results is a gallery packed from floor to ceiling with paintings, photos, prints, collectibles, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more.

    Raging Art On reflects Gamut Gallery’s ethos of community, collaboration, the art of the happening and eco-consciousness. Gifts for sale at this event are handmade locally and are in harmony with the values of those concerned by mainstream holiday effects on our environment and our world — landfills, factory and shipping-caused pollution, issues of outsourcing and fair trade, consumer culture, etc. Raging Art On offers a place to join like-minded people together through art, music, performance and conversation.

    Thursday December 7th // 7-10pm
    • Featuring  DJ Just Nine of ZULU ZULU
    $10 or FREE w/membership
    Presales available below


    Friday December 8th // 1-10PM
    • featuring DJ Bleak Roses 6-10pm
    Saturday December 9th // 1-10PM
    • featuring DJ Keith Millions 6-10pm
    Sunday December 10th // 1-5PM