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    Singula will feature muralists Los Calladitos, 2MIL, Lelo Zaa and Roco Drilo from Mexico, (sub)urban warrior, Liz Flores and Elloo from Chicago, Chuck U and Joy Spika from Minneapolis, all whom incorporate whimsical characters and dream-like imagery. Curated by Rodrigo Oñate aka Roco Drilo.

    Artwork available for viewing and purchase until Tuesday, September 21st, 2021.

    Singula (adj.) derives from the Latin word, singulus, meaning single or separate; each one being individually unique and particular, possessing its own essence. As individuals experiencing and interpreting distinct realities– from our physical surroundings to our imaginations deep within the subconscious realm; Singula honors the distinguishable and rare elements that continuously shape our identity and understanding of the world.  

    Singula is curated by Rodrigo Oñate and features muralists he has invited from Mexico, Chicago and Minneapolis, all whom incorporate whimsical characters and dream-like imagery to explore their cultural origins and storytelling practices that embolden critical connections across identities. Through a combination of colors, textures and intricate shapes and figures, this collection of muralists reveres the accessibility of public spaces to create vibrant and eclectic works that connect directly with the community. By highlighting everyday human experiences and marginalized narratives, this exhibition affirms street art is a powerful form of expression and solidarity among communities, stimulating the imagination and activism necessary for transformative change. 

    We hope this work engages the viewer to reflect upon their own innermost identities and the dreams that we carry with us throughout our lifetime. This Summer, we invite you to enter the gallery filled with environments most commonly found in our flights of fantasy.

    Thursday, July 15th //  6-8pm
    Meet & greet with Twin Cities with curator & artist Rodrigo Oñate
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    Friday, July 16th // 6-9pm • $7, FREE for members
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    Elliot Park Art Walk & Makers Market
    Saturday, July 24th // 11am – 3pm • $6.50
    Tour times at 11:30pm, 12:30 pm, 1:30pm & 2:30pm with Live painting in Gamut’s Courtyard.
    FREE pop-up makers market at Gamut featuring Twin Cities Makers and Icy Icy Baby shaved ice treat truck!
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    Experience historic Elliot Park neighborhood through a comedian-led tour from the Theater of Public Policy. Learn fun facts about the neighborhood, check out historic landmarks, and explore experiences in the Elliot Park Arts Quarter featuring Gamut Gallery, Fades Of Gray Inc. Bee Ink Tattoo, Rose Salon & Segue Coffee Shop.

    The creation of characters and fantastic worlds are the universe that defines the work of Rodrigo Oñate (Roco Drilo). Originally from the city of Queretaro, Mexico, Roco embarked on his career as a self-taught plastic and graphic artist, influenced by the pop culture of the 80s, comics, graffiti and various artists representing Mexican art. By extracting himself from his context and looking at it from the outside, he found a better appreciation and understanding of Latin American culture, thus conceiving a style with a contemporary and modern vision of Latino folklore, mixing techniques that since his career have gained great relevance as in graffiti or pop art.

    Los Calladitos (The Silent Ones) was founded in 2015 by Ariadna Galaz and Jorge Peralta. When Ari and Jorge began working together they gave themselves Los Calladitos as a nickname because they believed that the work is more valuable than words. Passionate about their work and improving the environment through art, Los Calladitos creates unique characters based on legends, myths or real people representing the communities they visit, encouraging the viewer to be a part of their own community. Currently, they are painting murals around Latin America and helping communities through art education, and hosting workshops. Their studio is located in the quiet colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

    Creator and promoter of street art in Mexico, LELO is known for his colorful artwork, in small and large format, using spray, acrylic, latex paint and natural pigments. In his art, Juárez explores and recreates the worldview of native towns, with elements of his personal identity. He uses street art and graffiti as techniques of orality and image, aimed to build a universal language. His work continues to revolve around the worldview and cultural context of the native towns; articulated with the medical background he acquired at the veterinary school. In this way, he combines empirical and scientific knowledge.

    2MIL is a Mexican street artist, born in Morelia, Michoacán. He has dedicated his work to the appropriation of urban spaces with muralsl since 2015. With a varied and eclectic style, he represents through Mexican folklore an iconic character of his work, a personal reinterpretation of the torito de petate dance, one of the most traditional emblems of Morelia.

    Elloo is a Chicago based artist who is known for her bright colored compositions. Her work is inspired by her love for sweets, subconscious memories and fairytales. Her bright colored characters are a blend of her imagination and dark dream-like scenes. Behind every piece she creates: Life is Sweet. Currently, she resides in Pilsen and continues to paint from her imagination bringing her characters to real life. Her main focus is to create a body of work that is unique and that allows the viewer to dig into their subconscious and develop their own interpretations of what they see.

    Liz Flores is a painter and muralist based in Chicago. Her work experiments with how the human condition—with its interplay between emotion and memory—can be represented abstractly. She engages everyday human experience and the female body by using shape, color and the human form as a mode of visual storytelling.  Her mural work can be found throughout the Chicagoland Area and New York City. In addition to working with private and commercial clients, her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Chicago and is driven by her interests in womanhood, belonging and inner life.

    (sub)urban warrior is an artist from the suburbs of Chicago, who views each piece as an opportunity to share her passion with the surrounding communities, and to leave something behind that will be thought provoking, emotionally significant, and mentally stimulating to the viewer. Influenced greatly by nature, something that is very relatable to all walks of life, (sub)urban warrior combines multiple creatures and sometimes humans in a whimsical playful way that oftentimes exudes an ethereal feeling. Her original creations are called beasties, all knowing omnipotent beings that are eternal and roam the earth, bringing a message of love and strength and stability to those around them. While her characters are known for their sweet nature and strong presence, incorporating bright colors and vibrant tones communicate a joyful message that is uplifting and smile inducing.

    Joy Spika is a black identifying artist with a mixed cultural background. She incorporates her personal stories into all of her work. She is a mixed media artist with a deep love for aerosol murals, painting, and textile art, who believes in the power of art to heal and connect people. From a young age she has used art as a fundamental form of expression and communication. Joy finds Inspiration through her intuitive understanding of the world around her and those things that aren’t always visible. Joy uses her art as a channel to retrieve messages from her ancestors and guides. Art has always been her primary spirituality. The characters she creates are often exaggerated or dream-like versions of her current emotions and still images of what her internal life looks like. In this show she is featuring paintings that have her deep truths hidden in them through symbols and the characters she creates. She wants to hold space for the complicated and non-monolithic nature of the lives of BIPOC, fat, femme and alternative humans.

    Chuck U is a painter, illustrator and muralist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who specializes in whimsical yet intricate works that celebrate the unusual and unexpected. His pieces are populated with fanciful flora, fauna and unusual landscapes that are playful yet masterful and aim to spark imagination and joy in the viewer. Chuck’s prints utilize a combination of traditional pen and ink technique with digital coloring applications that are printed digitally or as limited edition screen prints. His paintings and murals are approached with a similar sensibility but take on a life of their own transporting the viewer with scale, color, and the skillful line work that has become his signature.