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  1. CouchSurfer Release Party X “Kill Me” A Suicidal Gallery

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    CouchSurfer Release Party X “Kill Me” A Suicidal Gallery:  a one-night only collaborative event that highlights the union between the local art and hip-hop scenes. Featuring the album release party of CouchSurfer from hip-hop artist Dominic “DomOnEarth” Ramacher and an art exhibit debuting visual artist Zach “ZachKelz” Kelzenberg.

    Opening reception: Thursday, December 1st
    As two emerging local artists whose vibe and energy closely mirrors one another, Ramacher and Kelzenberg have joined forces to present an event brimming with raw talent. Showcasing projects that appeal to both the visual and auditory sensories, the event doubles as the album release of CouchSurfer – the first solo release from DomOnEarth – and premieres the visual artwork of local newcomer ZachKelz.

    Reminiscent of the cartoon-style character drawings popularized by graffiti artists Wundr, Neckface and Smithe, 21-year old budding artist, Zach Kelzenberg creates layered, depth-focused paintings that bring to life a graffiti-to-canvas experience. With an illustrative detail to his paintings and demiurgic spirit, his work is energetic and familiar, yet with fresh, edgy darkness. Collaborating with local musicians such as Radio Ahlee and Malou to produce visually-stunning album artwork, Kelz has made a name for himself in the music scene, but emerges tonight to debut his creations to the art world.

    Dom Ramacher takes a solo departure to produce a slow, passionate and ominous hip-hop release: CouchSurfer. With the collaborative help of fellow producer Vern, this inaugural CD is a testament to Dom’s unique grasp on a hype-worthy sound and provides the perfect accompanying soundtrack to the deep, looming visuals of Kelz.

    Radio Ahlee
    Prolly Tris

    Art by:
    Zach Kelz
    Evan Reynolds
    Mindful Release
    Emma Smith

    DomOnEarth: https://soundcloud.com/domonearth
    ZachKelz: https://www.instagram.com/smerytofu/
    Mindful Release: https://soundcloud.com/haneuss
    Radio Ahlee: https://soundcloud.com/ahlee-ruffin
    Maolu: https://soundcloud.com/maolu-woiwor
    Prolly Tris: https://soundcloud.com/vantethehippie/prolly-phib