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  1. Raging Art On 2012

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    MINNEAPOLIS, November 14, 2012 — Gamut Gallery’s second annual “Raging Art On” runs December 8-15, 2012. Attendees will be able to buy local, support the arts and experience a Gamut Gallery Art Happening all at once. Paintings, photography, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, ornaments, housewares and more; will engulf the gallery walls and the Slam Factory studio downstairs, as the artists themselves hang the show. Over twenty artists have been selected to transform the entire space, literally floor to ceiling, with their art. Once selected, each artist has full license to select as many works of any content or style as they see fit, for this uncurated show – anything goes. When the shopping begins the walls are transformed once more, as art-buyers receive the instant gratification of taking their finds home with them.

    Gamut Gallery seeks to reinvent holiday shopping, staying true their mission statement belief that “art fosters community.” Raging Art On offers those looking for alternatives to big-box stores and mall shopping, a place to join together with art, music, refreshments, and other inspired people. Gifts purchased at this event are one-of-a-kind, handmade locally and are in-line with the values of people who are concerned with mainstream holiday effects on landfills, factory/ shipping pollution, outsourcing/ fair trade, consumer culture and the person on their list who thinks they have everything.

    Like all Gamut events, experiencing it first-hand is part of the art. The opening event, Saturday, December 8, 6-10PM, will be the opportunity to have first pick of the art. DJs JoBot and Andrew Wood will provide the soundtrack for the evening, and fresh organic juice will be available from Nuri, made on the spot, alongside other refreshments. For more information about Nuri, please visit http://www.nourishmentasaconduit.com/

    Scott Seekins, Carolyn Kopecky, George Miller, Amanda Weber, Mark Dean, Sara Syverhus, Forest Bash, Ash Marlene Hane, Benji Mohr, Emily Bulen, Kurtis Johnson, Menneapolis 2013, Tierney Houdek, Jacob Charles Eidem, Sandra Kauphusman, Angela Sprunger, Dave Blank, Heidi Taylor, and Amanda Gomand.
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  2. Glam Slam 5

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    Glam Slam

    Minneapolis, MN GAMUT GALLERY PRESENTS: GLAM SLAM The Clothing Swap Dress-up Photo Shoot Party
    1) Bring clothing you no longer want
    – all sizes, styles, and seasons of men’s and women’s wearable goods welcome
    – try stuff on, aka “play dress-up!”
    – step into the photo booth to capture your good looks
    2) Leave with new-to-you gear!
    – bring a bag or two to carry home your swap findings
    – except for the real gems (which will we store for the next Glam Slam), all the left over gear will be donated to charity
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    Glam Slam reflects Gamut Gallery’s values of community, the art of the happening and eco-consciousness. Recycling clothing into a swap saves room in a landfill as well as resources for new garments. Bringing people together for happenings that create moments for diverse groups of people to interact with one another builds community. The gallery began with these intentions on June 9th, 2012, with a grand opening, multimedia event attended by over five hundred people and an official Northern Spark Festival location. Now they are nominated for the City Page’s “Best Art Gallery.”

  3. Gold Press

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    ‘Gold Press’ performs this weekend at Gamut Gallery

    This Saturday and Sunday, choreographer Judith Howard — along with Krista Langberg, Kristin Van Loon, and Naomi Joy — will perform ” Gold Press,” a dance work responding to visual artist Ash Marlene Hane’s “Conditions” exhibition at Gamut Gallery. Accompanied by Chester Yourczek’s live score, the performers use gold foil, fabric, a glass box, and other items, taking inspiration from Hane’s feminist prints to create a piece about control, vulnerability, and disappearing.

  4. Conditions

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    MINNEAPOLIS Saturday, July 14 2012– Conditions explores ideas of vulnerability and control, expressed through portraits of the female body. Hane identifies her work as part of a new era of feminism that does not pit itself against masculinity, but rather openly explores a feminine perspective. In this exhibit, Hane confronts expected molds or versions of self, reinforcing concept with technique. She prepares her lithographs, screenprints and intaglios by beginning with a digital template, which she alters through hand-drawn elements and manual deletion of information. She then uses these matrices to print multiple-layer compositions.

    “The result is a series of iterations, similar to the way a thought or conversation plays in my mind over and over again; slightly different, yet slightly the same”.

    Ash Marlene Hane was born in Northern Minnesota. In 2008 she earned a double BA in Art History and Studio Art, with a focus in printmaking. Her time at the University of Minnesota was spent under the mentorship of Printmaking Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Jenny Schmid. Hane was a founding member of the U of M’s printmaking collective, Bohemian Press, and continues to be an active member of the local printmaking community.

    Two associated events will be held at Gamut Gallery during this exhibit:

    Reception for the opening of Conditions, Saturday, July 14, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
    In response to the exhibit, award-winning choreographer Judith Howard will collaborate with Hane and notable dancers Krista Langberg and Kristin Van Loon, performing Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 at 8:00 p.m.